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Master Cleanse – What is All the Fuss About?

If you are like me than you will wake up most mornings feeling sluggish and drained of energy. The lifestyle that many of us lead nowadays is awash with junk that we put into our bodies; processed meals, fried food and caffeine are prime examples. Not only do we eat the wrong kinds of food but we usually overindulge in them too.

This makes it harder for our bodies to get rid of all by-products and toxins that build up over time. A healthy body should be able to dispose of all of these harmful things without any outside help. If you have abused your body too much then it makes it harder for the body to fight back. It tries its best to restore acid and alkaline levels to normality and to keep your digestive tract healthy.

If you find that you want to try a detox method then there are many for you to choose from. You will need to find one that is effective, beneficial and that is safe to use. One of the current choices of detoxification is a master cleanse regime.

This specific detox requires you to only consume four ingredients over a short space of time. Lemon juice, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water should be mixed together and taken several times throughout the day. Foods that the body finds hard to digest will need to be cut down or eliminated altogether throughout the time that you use a master cleanse detox.

If you are looking to lose some weight then master cleanse may be of benefit to you also. It is possible to lose several pounds per day whilst on this detox program. This is perhaps why some well-known faces are using this kind of diet to help them look and feel better.

The proposed benefits of a master cleanse detox means that your body will be restored to a more healthy and natural state. Your liver and other vital organs will become unpolluted and your digestive system will be purified.

Diets and detox regimes like those of master cleanse can help you to get rid of that old lifestyle and leave you feeling energized and refreshed- and most importantly healthy!

Weight Loss – Making Physical Activity Work for You

Exercise is commonly considered a source of benefits and an irreplaceable component of a healthy lifestyle. It is not without reason. But physical activity still can work against you in unexpected ways. Let us take a look at the reasons why…

1. Exercise burns calories, but… The No. 1 reason many gyms are in business is they offer the resources for exercise with the purpose of helping people lose weight. Even though exercise should be seen primarily as a way to improve the quality of life and maintain well-being, it is usually done for its caloric effects. If training no longer burned calories, we would see even more sedentary people in our society.

So in this sense, it is effective as an initiative to get more people active. But the problem is it also fires up the appetite. And it is this drive that is to blame for the reason many people are overweight, to begin with.

2. Exercise stimulates your hunger. Going for a half-hour jog is a great way to burn calories and melt some of your stubborn fat. But it also makes you incredibly hungry since it causes a tremendous insulin spike. If you are not careful, there is a good chance you may consume enough calories during the following meal, canceling out your weight loss efforts that day.

Do you know anyone in your life that complains about a lack of progress, despite working out consistently? Sometimes, physical activity can even act as a hindrance. It is crucial never to forget having a balanced and sensible diet is just as essential as exercising.

3. Make physical activity work for you, instead of against you. It is not difficult to allow exercise to enrich your life. You just have to take some practical (and mental) precautions. You must have the discipline to control your portion sizes and not increase them just because you have exercised. Be mentally ready, because you are going to feel hungrier on the days you exercise – especially if cardio is your go-to.

If you are looking to lose weight or lower your blood sugar levels, prudence is a virtue. You cannot be too careful and never lose sight of your goal.

4. Your nutrition matters. Lastly, it bears repeating how and what you eat does matter. No amount of exercise will change that.

It is only when your nutrition is taken care of your health prospers. Exercise and a physically active lifestyle are merely the finishing touches.

Find Out How to Lose Weight Successfully

How to lose weight successfully
nearly everyone wants to lose weight to get the body they desire. However, often people do not know how to do this correctly without hurting their body. Before you start a crazy diet, get a life-reducing surgery or start taking magic weight loss pills you must read this article. Take the time to read how to effectively and safely lose weight prior to starting a dieting program.

Tip 1: Exercise 3 times a week
Try to utilize weights in your workout and do some ab workouts daily. The great thing about lifting weights is that it will assist you in losing weight while building muscle at the same time. You will be on your way to getting the 6 pack you crave if you can exercise as much as possible.

Tip 2: Stay Hydrated with water
You can fool your body into believing that it is full by drinking lots of H2O. Drink water as much as possible, it will aid your body work efficiently and it contains zero calories. It's comical but some people can confuse their hunger pangs while they are actually thirsty. These individuals need to stay hydrated to prevent any mix-ups from occurring.

Tip 3: Do not purchase pills
Companies have somehow succeeded in making people believe that their issues may be cured with special pills. Some of them do can work at first but the problem is once you stop taking the pills the weight typically comes back.

Depicted below are some tips that will assist you in losing weight safely:

Tip 4: Look closely at labels
If you elect to attempt eating different foods then you should look carefully at the label before leaving a shop with the item. Some segments of the label that you should focus on is the ingredients and the Calories section.

Tip 5: Eat Small Portion Sizes
Most individuals do not realize it but the amount and proportion they eat for lunch is too large. The regular American eats twice as much as their body requires everyday. Even when these persons are full they still push themselves to finish their whole plate. Instead of eating a huge meal 3 times a day, which will take a long time to digest, eat tiny meals. This will speed up your metabolism and help you in safely dropping weight faster.

Tip 6: Meet Your Physician
If you really want to lose some weight the right way then you should meet your doctor regularly.

Paleo Recipe Book Review – Should You Buy It Or Avoid It?

What is the Paleo Recipe Book?

The Paleo Recipe book is truly unique. Paleo is short for Palaeolithic. Yes you guessed it, it refer to the caveman era. The days when our ancestors ate only naturally occurring foods, nothing was processed. And that's what this recipe book is all about. Eating naturally occurring foods like nuts, fruit, meat, poultry and fish. These foods naturally occurring in nature provide us with all the nutrients we need for excellent health, greater energy levels and greater alertness.

This book teachers us to avoid foods like sugar, wheat, milk and processed foods which get us addicted to unhealthy eating habits. Our Bodies do not function to their full potential if we fill them with processed foods. How many times have you had fast foods that left you feeling lethargic and slow?

The Paleo Recipe Book will surprise you because you can enjoy eating whatever you like as long as it's part of the ingredients in this diet. The most important foods in the Paleo Recipe book are meat and vegetables. I was surprised to hear this because in Australia, a typical Aussie meal is "meat and three veg", ask any Aussie family. Next important are fruit, nuts, poultry and fish.

The Paleo Recipe Cookbook also includes an 8 week weight loss meal plan, Paleo dessert recipes and a guide to Herbs and Spices that will have you running the supermarket to top up you herb and spice rack. Herbs and spices are not just to make your food taste yummy but were also used for their medicinal properties by our cave lodging ancestors. This book has been known to help people lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle by avoiding the processed food that our bodies were not designed to run on.

The Benefits:

  • Simply written and easily downloadable 395 page e-book.
  • Over 370 delicious recipes.
  • Full of recipe photos make it easy to understand.
  • Bonus free 8 week meal plan.
  • Bonus free Herb and Spice guide.
  • Tips on how to cook steak, choose the right foods and much more.
  • A money back guarantee.

The Negative:

  • All meals must be planned out.
  • Requires you to have some cooking experience

The Final Word:

Food is one of the two factors in losing weight and keeping it off. One of the biggest problems with losing weight is finding nutritious meals that taste good and are easy and quick to prepare. The Paleo Recipe book offers meals that are good for you, taste great and look great too. Here is a cookbook that takes dieting and turns it into a lifestyle change and gives you great tasting meals that are good for. You will be dieting without even knowing it.

How to Use Herbs to Lose Weight

Herbs have always been used to help lose weight effectively. There are many kinds of herbs that you can use to help suppress appetite and control your weight loss problem. For people need or want to shed a few pounds and who are already eating a healthy diet and participating in regular exercise, then adding natural herbs into your diet can be a great addition to help aid you in weight control.

In fact, the Chinese have been using herbs for medicinal purposes for over 4000 years. Today, the western medical community, who has once shunned the use of herbs for medicinal purposes, is starting to take notice of the benefits of using herbs. Herbs can not only help one to lose weight, they are also nutritionally sound and can offer a healthy, natural alternative to nourish and heal the body. Herbs can also give the body the necessary nutrients that the body does not always get through a regular diet.

However, herbs may not be a good weight loss solution for those seeking to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. Some herbs do have some side effects and are not suitable for some body condition, and some should be taken carefully. As with any weight loss program or diet, caution should always be used and one should not take a large amount of herbs at a same time. Herbs should also be used in conjunction with regular diet and exercise for an effective weight loss solution.

When purchasing herbs you should always look for freshness of the herbs. Those that are loose and sold in bulk for a long time have almost no nutritional value. Instead, opt for those freeze-dried over air-dried herbs as they are less likely to go bad and the freshness can remain over a longer period of time.

Since we now understand the usefulness of herbs as a weight loss remedy, let us look at a few herbs that you can use. The following are good starters to help you curb your appetite and lose weight with herbs.

Evening primrose has been shown to be an effective source of natural alternative to help reduce cholesterol levels and help people who do not process fats correctly lose weight. Studies have shown that the psyllium granules of these seeds consumed with water before a meal can help to control a person appetite. This herb can cause an instant reduction of appetite by making the stomach feel full. This feeling can lead to less caloric and fat consumption. Queen's flower has also been shown to be one of the most effective plant used in alternative weight control and diabetes.

Now you know that herbs can be used to help you lose weight. So go visit the nearest health shop or organic shop to grab those herbs to help you lose weight now.

Alkaline Foods – What Are They & Which To Eat

A body which is higher in acid is like a magnet attracting all kinds of diseases. The human body maintains an ideal body ph of 7.3 which is more alkaline than acidic in nature. An alkaline ph helps the various body mechanisms to function well as well as the different vital organs to carry out their designated functions to an optimum level. Now what is needed it to maintain this ideal ph level by consuming various types of Alkaline foods. Acidic foods should be consumed minimally while most of our diet should consist of alkaline foods.

The various types of alkaline foods are mostly vegetables and fruits. Consuming these will help oxygenate the body system and so lead to rejuvenation of body cells. The various types of vegetables that fall in this category are garlic, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, mushrooms, sprouts, barely grass, wheat grass and many more. Apart from cranberries all other fruits also belong to this category. Apples, bananas, honeydew, melons, cherries, dates and all the rest are alkaline in nature. Even though lemons are acidic in essence but when consumed they have an alkalizing effect on the body as opposed to having an acidic effect. Even citrus fruits which are acidic before consumption have an alkalizing effect on the human body. These fruits should be consumed in abundance so as to maintain a normal ph. Melons is not good foods to combine with other eats so should be consumed separately.

This is not to say that only non protein foods come under this category. Eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, chicken breast, tofu, pumpkin seeds, squash seeds, millet, nuts,sunflower seeds are all proteins that are considered alkaline foods. They can safely be consumed and shall be beneficial to the body. Green tea and herbal teas are also foods that are alkaline in nature. Various fruit and vegetable juices are also classified as alkaline foods. Those with sweet tooth should take stevia which is a flower obtained sweetener and is the only alkaline sweetener. Miso is another food that is highly alkaline and taking miso soup can be very beneficial to the body.

Many spices such as cinnamon curry leaves mustard chillie pepper and sea salt are all alkaline foods. Sea salt containing iodine is highly recommended. Acidic foods like various meats and oils should not make up for more than 25% of our food intake. One the other hand 75% of our food should constitute alkaline food so as to keep a healthy body. If there is a constant feeling of fatigue or frequently reoccurring illnesses then a lot of such food should be consumed. All illnesses have their roots in the body ph getting acidic and a lot of care should be taken to keep the ph levels alkaline in nature. There fore a high consumption of foods that are alkaline is highly recommended in order to lead a healthy and long life.

Acid Reflux – Is GERD a Hereditary Disease?

The question of acid reflux being a hereditary condition has not been researched
very often. However, specialists have concluded that genetically speaking the
chances of getting this disease by inheritance may account for 50% of the
sufferers. They have also agreed so far that the other 50% is due to diet.

Of all the digestive diseases in the world, acid reflux is considered to be the
most common. It is estimated that nearly 1 in 5 people suffer from acid being
regurgitated into the mouth and esophagus and / or heartburn. It is also known
that a regular cycle of acid reflux occurrences gives people a higher risk of
getting esophageal cancer.

In July 2003, scientists did studies with 2000 pairs of non-identical and
identical twins, and found that 43% of the total who suffered frequent
gastrointestinal symptoms and the chances of them developing acid reflux, were
suffering or would suffer do to hereditary genetics. However, wherever acid
reflux is hereditary or not, there are other main causes. It is known that
there are at a minimum of ten possible considerations.

Coffee, tea and other caffeine beverages account for the first possible
cause. These trigger problems by relaxing the digestive system and let the
stomach's contents to regurgitate into the esophagus.

The second possibility is chocolate which contains known amounts of theobromine.

This can relax the esophageal sphincter, allowing stomach acid to spurt back
into the esophagus.

Fatty and fried foods are another possible culprit. Such foods stay in the
stomach a lot longer and reduce the speed of digestion. This causes
over-filling of the stomach and the risk of food regurgitation.

Tomatoes and foods containing tomatoes can also cause acid reflux. Again,
tomatoes and the like will relax the digestive system.

Alcohol helps to increase the amount of acid in the stomach. It also relaxes
the digestive system, greatly increases the risks.

Another troublemaker is tobacco smoking. As cigarette chemicals enter the lungs
and the blood, they also impede on the ability of the digestive system and
esophagus to work properly.

Meal sizes are a critical factor. Too large a meal over fills the stomach and
can prevent the esophageal sphincter (lower) from closing. Again, the chance of
regurgitating food into the esophagus increases.

Citric juices and fruits can relax the lower esophagaelel sphincter. It can also
add further acid to the stomach.

Food consumption in the few hours before going to bed is a definite trigger.
Once you lie down with a full stomach the pressure is increased on the lower
esophageal sphincter.

Finally, tight fitting clothes and belts can impede on digestion. Anything that
puts pressure on the abdominal area will do the same to the stomach. This will
force food out of the stomach and into the esophagus.

How to Make Hair Grow Faster – FAQs

Ladies and Gentlemen, this article is relevant to both of you, so have a quick read. Are you having problems with thinning hair? Do you not have as much self confidence as a few years ago? Well why do not you get off your backside and take some action? Within this article I will answer a few of the most common questions on how to make hair grow faster. After all, its a pretty broadly discussed topic, with many unanswered questions.


1. Do the so called 'experts' know what they are talking about? – The answer is of course yes. Some of the methods they are using are revolutionary. But remember, all that research, expensive equipment costs and advertising has to be paid by someone. And it will be the consumer. The other thing you have to remember is that its not in these guys best interest to sell you a cheap product which works. They will want to sell you an expensive product which works, most likely with ungoing payments similar to Rogaine!

2. What should I do with Split Ends? – This mostly applies to women (and men with thinning long hair). These need to be removed, and the hair trimmed as much as possible within the first few weeks. The split ends will run all the way down to budding hair follicles and inhibit new growth. This will be your first step to help make hair grow faster.

3. I have heard of Mira Hair Oil, what is it, and how can it help? – Mira hair oil contains 15 herbs, two of which are Jaswand (Hibiscus) extract and fenugreek extract. These two alone have been proven to have very successful results. The oil will help banish split ends, protect and restore damaged hair and promote fast hair growth by nourishing you hair and scalp, just to name a few! Its a miracle oil to be honest. Very popular in this day and age.

4. What about diet and exercise? – Its a bit of a no brainer really. Of course a healthy diet and frequent exercise will help! Plus you will feel much better about yourself physically and mentally. Your diet will need to consist of plenty of keratinized protein, whilst popping an amino acid capsule each day will also help make hair grow faster.

5. I have heard some of the expensive products contain chemicals, is that true? – Due to the fact there is a massive demand for people wanting to make hair grow fast, there has been a huge influx of prescription type drugs available to the average Joe Bloggs. Most use pretty harsh chemical to clean the scalp, which in turn helps promote blood circulation and hair growth. Personally, I think its a much better idea to use natural products to do the same thing, even if it takes a touch longer. Less risk of something going wrong and causing more harm than good!

6. What about Money back guarantees? I would make sure (if you are purchasing a product or ebook) that a full moneyback guarantee is available. If an eBook confirm that the product is backed by Clickbank. They will chase money if there is a dispute, and wont promote 'rip off' merchants.

People, there you have it. Six FAQs which will hopefully help you on your way. But honestly, they are only scratching the surface.

Does Your Age Affect Your Short Term Memory?

What impact does the aging process have on the brain and how it processes memories? Can anything be done to prevent the effects of aging on your recall? These are all questions that we have to face as we get older. Thankfully, there are answers.

The question of does your age affect your short term memory may seem odd, but it really is an important question to look at as we get older. Humans have long been wrestling with the aging process attempting to slow it or stop it altogether. Since our minds are central to how we think, what we know, who we are then it perhaps one of the more critical areas to study when trying to determine what impact aging has.

So how does your age affect your short term memory? The answer is varied, but there are a few main factors of aging that inhibit recall and brain function. We’ll touch on three of them here.

The first is a decrease in blood flow to the brain as we get older. As we age the circulatory system can become less efficient and blood circulation can become hindered. Also, the same issue of clogged arteries that can affect your heart also affect your brain. Plaque in the vessels can reduce cerebral blood flow and harm brain function. The brain is highly dependent on the oxygen and nutrients that blood brings to the cells. In fact the brain is roughly the largest user of oxygen among the organs of the body. Decrease in oxygen can impact your short term memory from being able to hold and process information. It decreases concentration and inhibits focus.

Therefore, our diet and exercise levels during our lifetime not only play a role in how healthy our heart stays, but also how well our brains continue to function as we age. So while age is a factor in how efficient our circulatory system operates, we do have the power to delay that process by how well we manage what we eat and how we keep our bodies in shape.

We can also turn to nutritional supplementation to augment this by using vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure we’re getting all the nutrients our bodies need. There are also some good supplements of Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng that help increase blood flow to the brain and enhance the memory functions. These can be especially useful whether we are young yet or we are in our later years.

The second issue that comes up when looking at how does your age affect your short term memory is the decline of neurotransmitter production. Neurotransmitters are the brain chemicals that allow your brain cells to communicate and perform their various functions. As we age the problem can be twofold. One is that we can produce less of these chemicals as we age and two the body’s natural process of breaking down excess neurotransmitters can begin to malfunction and work to excess causing a lack of supply for the brain.

Without proper supply of these chemicals the brain cannot perform correctly. One of the issues with Alzheimer’s for example is that aside from physical damage to nerve cells there is also a significant decrease in various neurotransmitters resulting in an inability to process things into memory or out of memory. It can also affect mood and other aspects of the mind.

Again, one of the keys in fighting this problem is in proper nutrition and diet. The body needs to have the right levels of vitamins and nutrients to support the production of neurotransmitters. Also, exercise tends to help slow down the aging process in general and helps keep the production process strong.

Also, supplementation here can be helpful. There are supplements out there that support brain function by providing compounds like huperzine A, which helps counter the destruction of neurotransmitters in the brain as well as L-Tyrosine, Acetyl L-Carnitine and Choline which help in producing brain chemicals and protecting nerve cell function. These can be useful tools in combating age related decline of these functions.

Lastly, one of the important elements in protecting the brain from decline as we get older is to continue to exercise the brain itself. Studies have shown that people who keep mentally active and challenged as they age tend to keep function longer than those who don’t. The habit is to let ourselves slow down. We retire from our jobs and we tend to stop being active and learning new things. This allows brain function to atrophy. You need to continue to push yourself and strive to learn new things. Working the brain even with simple things like word puzzles or brain teasers helps strengthen those functions. The brain physically strengthens the nerves that are used most, so it truly is a use it or loss it process.

The reasons behind how does your age affect your short term memory are varied, but the answers are simple and within the reach of most everyone. Some of the same things we need to do to stay healthy physically help us mentally. Maintaining good eating habits and regular exercise along with staying active mentally as well as possibly using natural supplements to enhance these programs will help ensure that age doesn’t play as big a role in our mental function as it could otherwise.

How Can A Weight Loss Center Be Advantageous?

Joining a weight loss program could be intimidating first, but if you are serious about shedding those extra kilos, it’s all worth it. If you have never joined a this kind of center earlier, you must have some thoughts and apprehensions about which one to choose. Among so many locally operated weight loss centers, choose one that fits your needs best. Location is an important factor that you should consider so that you don’t spend too much on just reaching the center. Membership fee could be another concern if you’re on a tight budget, so go for a pocket-friendly center to help yourself. However, the price can be a major concern, but don’t compromise on the quality over cost. It would be ideal to do a little research on local weight loss centers over the internet prior joining one by looking for some reviews.

How do experts at a weight loss center help with?

The professionals: Professional experts will give you precious advice on how you should start. Although a lot of related information is available online, it is always better to consult a professional who will be there to take care of your desired program personally. Based on your physical test, the professional can determine your fitness status and can guide you through everything like exercise, diet plans and eating habits. Following a guided diet plan that’s right for your body, you can get rid of stubborn fat around the belly and other parts and have better results.

Guidance on exercise: Understanding your body type, its strengths and limitations; professional expert will guide on exercising right, as some exercises are not appropriate for your present health condition. You are not a subject expert, and doing particular exercises without vital information, you may sometime injure yourself. So, join a weight loss center, where professionals can provide you right information on exercising after examining your internal body type and limitations via medical tests.

Guided diet plans: Professionals at a leading weight loss center will advise you on healthy food intake that you need to have in moderation. Since your food intake will be guided by experienced professionals, you will feel confident on losing those extra kilos without damaging your health. These experts make sure you are not dependent on dietary supplements solely and don’t compromise on essential nutrients while following the diet plan. Further, at a weight loss center, you will also have experts, who will provide immediate assistance for your queries related to the program.

Apart from the advantages that you can avail at experts’ end at a weight loss center, you also need to strictly adhere to the regimens advised by these experts. Regularly following a healthy lifestyle and keeping a watch on the calories intake, you will fast come in shape. Including lots of vegetables like tomatoes, green beans, cucumber, spinach, olives, broccoli and beets in your diet helps in keeping up fiber and essential nutrients in your body. Although the weight loss centers may be expensive at some places, you should not get discouraged to join it early after gaining weight.