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Putting A Low Cholesterol Diet to Work For You

A low cholesterol diet can help you reach the weight loss goals you have been driving towards. Before looking further into the diet aspects of low cholesterol it's important to understand what cholesterol does for your body.

Your body requires cholesterol for many different purposes. The main thing cholesterol does is digest fats, create cellular walls and manufacture hormones, among other things vital to your bodies health.

While cholesterol can be a good thing for your body too much of it can be harmful. A constant overload in cholesterol is known to cause high blood pressure and all the ailments that come with it like heart disease. This is where taking on a low cholesterol diet will really help you. You'll get to dodge unhealthy problems such as these.

Basically, the low cholesterol diet involves keeping a close eye on your intake of foods that contain cholesterol and saturated fats. Pay close attention to your food groups. Our main source of cholesterol is from things like red meat, egg yolk, as well as dairy products like cheese and whole milk.

While it's a smart idea to reduce your consumption of high-cholesterol foods like this it is not a good idea to cut them out completely since cholesterol still provides many benefits to your body. So completely eliminating cholesterol from your diet probably would not be a good idea.

Your low cholesterol diet should also be complimented with a healthy and consistent dose of exercise. You can keep it to something easy, like a daily walk. If you have a pool in your backyard, use it for exercise. The local gym will also give you plenty of different ways to put your heart rate up.

Get your necessary vitamins from fruit and veggies. Do not ever fry your foods. This only increases the cholesterol content. Opt instead to reduce the cholesterol with alternative cooking methods like grilling or roasting. If a recipe calls for cooking oil, opt for a healthier low fat oil that is typically available at your local market.

As you can see there are plenty of healthy ways the low cholesterol diet can work for you.

1 Week Diet Plan to Lose Weight – Yes It's Possible to Shed Fat to Lose Weight

Need a 1 week diet plan to lose weight and look and feel sexy? I know it is very disheartening being overweight, you do not feel sexy at all and you have been searching and searching for the right solution for some time. So I believe the quickest way to see results is with a 1 week diet plan to lose weight … and maintain the weight forever!

Your probably thinking that losing weight in just 1 week is impossible. Have you heard the phrase "nothing is impossible"? I'm sure you have … and it also stands when losing weight. How would you feel about losing 1-2 pounds in just 1 week? How about losing this amount of weight every week until you reach your goal? Bare in mind you have to be realistic, you are not going to shed 20 pounds in just 1 week, but you can take it week by week, and start seeing results right away.

Eating and exercise are extremely important for your health. Eating actually helps you lose weight if you are having the right foods, in the right amounts, at the right times. A lot of diet plans claim to lose weight by eating almost no carbs, no fat or just completely starving yourself. They are not healthy ways to lose weight, do not go there!

Your body needs food. It is as simple as that. You need to stop eating the wrong, unhealthy foods and be determined to stick to a healthy diet plan, you can basically eat what you like as long as you do not go over the top and you perform some kind of regular exercise. Exercise can be as simple as taking the dog for a walk in the park. Say bye bye to losing weight in the wrong and unhealthy ways, and start doing something that really works in no time at all. Lets stay healthy and feel good!

Diet and Healthy Eating – Why People Choose Health Over Fat!

Diet and healthy eating, among other things is a choice we make every day. Studies show the more choice we have the better we choose when it comes to healthy or fatty comfort foods.

This can be a choice of a salad over a burger, an award winning documentary over a comedy, or a practical appliance over a fun gadget.

The size of the menu in a restaurant is significant in that people make different choices depending on the size of the menu.

The smaller the menu will allow people to choose the old stand by French fries or other comfort foods not necessarily healthy. Longer menus give so many options we need to rationalize what our final choice is.

People will think more about diet and healthy eating when they have more options on a menu or anything else where they need to make an informed decision. People will choose things that are virtuous, because they are easy to justify. This applies to a salad over a burger, a documentary over a comedy and a practical appliance over a fun gadget.

In one study an experiment was done with two groups of people consistent of 60 people in each group. They were to choose their favorite flavor of ice cream from some photographs. The first group was given a choice between one flavor of regular ice cream and one flavor of reduced-fat ice cream. The second group had more choice coming from five regular and five fat-reduced flavors.

Of the group with only one choice 20% chose the reduced-fat ice cream while from the group with more choices 37% chose the reduced-fat ice cream.

In an experiment using different people and food of trays filled with fruit and cookies. As expected 55% chose the "virtuous" fruit over "vice" cookies from the small-choice tray while 76% of participants chose fruit in the large-assortment group.

There was however an important exception revealed in other experiments.

168 people were asked to choose between a computer printer and a fun MP3 player. Each item was in as before a low- and high-assortment group. Before the selection was made the groups were told they had to complete either a low- or high-effort set of calculation problems. In reality they were all doing the exact same nine equations.

The people in the "low-effort" task chose the computer by 48% just as in the previous experiments. The "high-effort" task group feeling they had worked a lot harder than the other group decided to reward themselves with the MP3 player and only 26% chose the computer.

In certain situations it looks like it is easier to justify hedonic items. As an example, you may just have a hard work out in the gym and it is easier to choose chocolate cake over fruit salad because you feel earned it.

The implications are huge for public health officials, and marketers as this information can be used to nudge people to make better health decisions without removing their freedom of choice.

We just leverage the irrationality of human behavior, such as buying a salad labeled "98-per-cent fat-free" than one saying contains two per cent fat, and more likely to donate our orans if the answer is to opt-out rather than opt-in.

This decision-engineering, known as "libertarian paternalism." Is slightly controversial because of manipulation despite criticisms are fading, because everywhere there is persuasion from politics, to commercials to prime time TV.

Helping Powers Of A Detox Diet

Drug detox is another side of the puzzle of cleansing the body, but today we will discuss the power of diet detox. Removing toxins through the bowels and through the feet are our main focus. Cleansing the body is just like spring-cleaning your house. However, there are detox programs that are continuous and can be incorporated into your diet and lifestyle.

There are a list of fabulous resources and information online on detox health diets and good "detox foods," "detox recipes" and "foods to be avoided" to keep the body healthy.

Even though I can not list any particular websites in this article, I will recommend some keywords to search for if you want to find free information:

1. Detox drinks

2. Herb detox soup

3. Detox raw receipes

4. Detox eating plans

5. Detox drink

6. Detox flush fruits

7. Cleansing detox cure

8. Body cleansing detox

9. Detox juice

10. Rapid detox

11. Detox snacks

12. Colon cleansing

This is just to name a few. You can do your own personal online search specific to your individual needs. There is another way to detox the body without dieting and that method is getting a foot detox or a detox foot spa. Using a detox foot patch is the easiest way. All you do is to put each patch at the bottom of each foot and go to sleep with it overnight. The results when you wake up in the morning will be an astounding change of color in each patch. Patches will turn into a dark color, which means that the impurities from your body have been removed.

Detoxing the body may be considered a form of alternative methods of treating the body because most physicians may not recommend these methods, but they will work and they are harmless to the body in terms of side effects.

Aloe Vera is a great detox natural healing ingredient, so if you purchase a detox drink or juice, look to see if it contains aloe vera. When you are cleansing the body, you really want to stay with natural products.

Choose your detox method according to your schedule. I personally took one of these 5 day master cleansse detox diet. It was a nightmare. It was a fast diet and at the time I was attending a seminar for those 5 days, so I ended up being in the bathroom more than the seminar room. After the detox, I did feel better, but it was a sacrifice for me at that particular time and very inconvenient. You do not want to wait until you get sick to engage in a detox diet because that might be too late to get the results that you need. Twice per month is a good measure to begin. Start slowly with a foot detox if you have never done this before. Afterwards, you can try a detox drink. However, do not do the master cleanse until you are comfortable with this process.

Your body needs rejuvenation to remain healthy and a detox diet brings the natural way to revive your body to good health. Take the time to learn more about this process and you will be surprised how much toxins are ruining your health. I hope this article is a start to a healthy lifestyle.

Gout vs Diet

The cause of gout is a high blood level of uric acids which is a waste product. The waste product is a breakdown of purines which are substances naturally found in your body. Purines are also found in several types of food.

The treatment of gout, in times past, included very strict dietary regiments but because of medications that are used to combat gout the regiments are not as harsh as they once were.

There still are some recommended dietary modifications though as they can greatly help your chances of avoiding gout flare-ups. Many medications for gout cause many, potentially serious, side effects so dietary modifications can be a better option than the medications.

Some of the foods that are high in purines and should be avoided are liver, brain, kidney, sweetbread, anchovies, peas, beans, mackerel, mincemeat, scallops, muscles, and herring. Other foods such as poultry, meat, and fish have lesser amounts of purines so it is suggested that they be eaten in moderation.

Other ways that you can lower the risk of gout naturally are:

1.Avoiding alcohol altogether or only drinking it in moderation, perhaps saving yourself for special occasions only. Drinking a lot of alcohol increases the risk of hyperuricemia, as the alcohol gets in the way of the natural removal of uric acids from the body. If you have gout and especially if you are having a gout attack alcohol should be avoided completely.

2.Make sure to drink plenty of fluids to flush the system of uric acids. Aim for around 2 liters of water a day, more if you are exercising or have a physical job.

3.Try to maintain a healthy weight. The more excess weight you are holding the more stress is then put on your joints increasing the possibility of gout.

4.Try to lose excess weight but do not do so by rapid weight loss diets as they can increase uric acid levels in the blood. In weight loss also avoid low-carb diets as they are high in fat and protein. Consuming too much of these types of foods can increase your chances of developing hyperuricemia.

Foods that are low in purines will help in keeping gout at bay. Below is a list of foods which are low in purines.

1.Breakfast – Cereals and breads, coffee, tea, oatmeal, eggs, fruits, juices, cheese (low fat), milk, and peanut butter.

2.Lunch – Nuts and peanut butter, pasta macaroni, soups, cream style soups, cheeses (low fat) and broths

3.Dinner – Pasta, macaroni, eggs, vegetables, breads and cereals, low-fat cheeses and soups.

Other foods and food items low in purines are gelatin, fats and oils (in small amounts), soda, sugar, syrups, and other sweets in moderation.

As with anything, moderation is the key to a low purine diet. Some foods which have a moderate purine level are: beef, lamb, pork, vegetables such as mushrooms, asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, wheat germ, all types of yeast and gravies.

It is OK to have these foods as long is it is in moderation. Even foods that are high in purines can be eaten occasionally unless you have gout or are having an attack of gout.

Calorie Shifting Diet

A calorie shifting diet is an extremely effective way to lose weight, keep it off, and feel better about yourself. But before the details are given, a definition must be taught.

A calorie shifting diet can be defined as, a type of a diet that you eat many different types of foods, in no specific order. This way you change or "shift" the types of calories your body consuming. When this is done your metabolism moves faster and never gets stuck in the same routine.

With an increase in metabolism your body will burn fat at a faster rate, thus increasing your weight loss. The importance of this type of structured diet plan is unmatched. Unlike other diet plans where you cut your calories, or avoid certain food groups, this one lets you eat the correct food groups in full sized meals.

Depriving your body of certain key ingredients such as carbs or proteins is very dangerous for your health. your body needs these to function properly and keep your metabolism burning high. Without them, your metabolism will actually slow down. That is why 95% of all dieters end up failing. They follow a low calorie diet that deprives of a certain food group and end up not losing any weight at all. They become depressed and stop their diet, with a slowed metabolism, and go back to eating the unhealthy way they are used to. In the end it causes the dieter to pack on more pounds and becoming heavier than when they had originally started.

The calorie shifting diet is also known as the lifestyle diet, the weightloss4idiots diet, and is currently a popular form of dieting.

Calorie shifting diets mean no more low calorie, starving, food driven plans that actually hurt your body. For more information feel free to follow the link found below.

Secrets of the Negative Calorie Food Diet

I know there are many diets out there promoting the moon. The great sales pages say "you will lose 50 lbs. With little to know exercise while eating the foods you love"; however, this makes no sense, if you could lose weight in this way, then there would be no weight problems to begin with. The negative calorie food diet is actually based on the scientific knowledge that in order to lose weight, you must limit the intake of calories.

Now, I'll get to the secrets of this diet.

1. Typically, you should start slowly and gradually assimilate negative calorie foods into the diet. These foods should not be the only foods in the diet, but rather part of a "semi-balanced diet".

2. Have a basic understanding of what the negative calorie food diet is and the foods we are talking about. Negative calorie foods are not foods that have less than 0 calories (that would be impossible); they are foods that use up more calories during digestion than they supply, thus resulting in a net loss of calories.

3. A quick list of negative calorie foods:

a. Apples

b. Beets

c. Cantaloupes

d. Cauliflower

e. Eggplant

f. Onions

g. Papayas

h. Strawberries

i. Zucchini

4. Many of the foods that are part of the negative calorie food diet will increase your metabolism. This is because they consist of mostly fiber and complex carbohydrates.

5. Going back to secret # 1. Do not eat food that is really bad for you (fast food loaded in fat). I used the term "semi-balanced" because I realize that most people will have trouble achieving a truly balanced diet, but you should try as hard as you can to weed out the "junk food" from your diet.

6. Have a solid support system. This is true for just about any significant change in your life. There will be times where you have doubts, but if you have people that care about you, then they will encourage you, and you increase the chances of success while following the negative calorie food diet.

This diet is not like the other diets out there that are bound to frustrate you. The negative calorie food diet is not fasting and it is not some scam diet that promises results without an effort. Bottom line: If you are willing to put in a little effort, this will almost always do wonders for you.

The King of All Diets – The Master Cleanse Diet

In the 1940’s Stanley Burroughs formulated a diet plan which people from his time called the “Master Cleanse Diet.” He passed this plan around by word of mouth until 1976 when he first put the Master Cleanse Diet into writing. Burroughs designed the diet in a way to relieve the body of harmful toxins, as it was not originally meant to be a method of weight loss. However, the people who implemented the diet into their lifestyles found that they quickly lost weight.

“Weight, Have More Energy and Be Happier in 10 Days” is the title of a highly successful book that was published in 2004 by Peter Glickman. Glickman was a true devotee of Stanley Burroughs and his methods to rid the body of toxins. Glickman understood that by following the plan that Burroughs had formulated in the 1940’s, that people all around the world would not only free their bodies of debilitating toxins, but they could also lose weight through its methods.

Since the publication of Glickman’s book more and more people have embraced the teachings of the Master Cleanse Diet in some form or another. This diet is also commonly known by the names: the Maple Syrup Diet and the Lemonade Diet. Whatever the name may be, there is no denying that the Master Cleanse Diet is both effective and proven to aid in weight loss.

Beyonce Knowles a wildly popular rhythm and blues singer, struggled with weight for years. However, she began to rapidly lose weight and publicly contributed her weight loss to the use of the Master Cleanse Diet. This sparked a new revolution and fondness for the diet plan that quickly began to spread like wildfire throughout Hollywood and the world.

This effective dieting method involves fasting from solid foods for a period of time, wherein the person taking part in the diet only consumes liquids that contain lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and eight ounces of water. Though this diet appears to be drastic to many, it has been proven to be an effective and healthy way, when followed correctly, to lose weight and to remove toxins from ones body.

Diet Vs Nutrition – You Be The Judge

Most of today's nutrition guidance has been diluted down towards the term diet. This is due largely to the fact that consumers have gotten so large. With obesity on the increase, it really is no wonder that after you talk about healthy eating, consumers think of the latest fad diet regime. The catch 22 is that the wellness and diet regime sector is, in component, responsible for the current outrageous amount of obesity!

In recent years, diet program books have ruled the major of the charts. It is possible to sign up for dozens of distinct on-line diet plan applications and join dozens more fat loss clubs. All promise quick, permanent fat loss, but obesity has skyrocketed, like going into hyperspace for youngsters as nine million kids below the age of six are now obese! With all the broken promises that guarantee losing weight, it's obvious someone's lying.

A dramatic shift from property cooked, all-natural foods to fast, hasle-free foods is extremely accountable for a lot of consumers being overweight. However, diet applications undoably have not worked and have certainly just made us fatter. With countless of these programs utilizing refinanced, prepackaged foods or other unhealthy approaches to lose weight, but if you are also not healthyer all that usually means is you'll die in a lighter. That or you do not hold the weight off anyway.

Once you consider only taste or filling your self up once you eat, you are simply ignoring a big law of life. Equally significant is Max Foods and making positive the eating plan is one of a kind for the needs and that you simply can in reality complly with it. Max foods are the foods are the foods that grow and exist in nature. They were produced with all of the important supplies in just the appropriate amounts and in the fantastic stability for correct digestion, distribution, and elimination.Maximized Living is leading men and women back toward producing better selections about what they put in their mouth and working with actual details about nutritional requirements and not fads. As all the five essentials do, consuming the Maximized Living Way supports and does not interfere with all the physical laws that govern function and healing.

Your Pet's Diet

is large controlled by energy intake and gut fill but can be significantly affected by individual animal tendencies and how tasty the food being offered is. Each animal has a maintenance requirement which is the energy necessary for all the resting bodily functions such as the beating of a heart and the constant action of nerve and muscle fibers. Above this is the requirement for voluntary activity such as running and playing. Every animal has its own rate and efficiency of use for these activities which makes it impossible to create a reliable formula for food requirement. Dogs (and cats to a lesser amount) will eat excessively simply because the food tastes good, a phenomena which has rise to pet food advertising with statements like "eight out of ten cats prefer it" and the counter advertising by hills science diet which states below a large photograph of sweets and ice cream that "eight out of ten children may prefer it".

Types of food
vary warmly but can be broken down into those which are 'complete', or those which form only a part of a diet such as 'mixer' biscuits. Complete feeds provide all the necessary nutrients discussed below and do not require any additional food provision. Food may also be dry or moist. Traditional feeding was typically based on a canned moist food with mixer biscuits. Many of the earlier dry feeds were poor balanced and particularly in cats, predisposed them to kidney failure and other problems.
Dry foods are now much improved and many reputable manufacturers provide dry or moist equivalents of the same food brand, the only difference being the moisture content. It is always very important when giving a dry diet to provide adequate fresh water as the requirement is not present in feed. Cystitis can be a problem even in the best balanced dry food if water intake is insufficient.
Dry or crunchy foods also have a significant benefit on cleaning a pets teeth and indeed specific diets such as Hills 'T / d' are available for this purpose.

The feeding regime
is how much and how often our pets are fed. There is an established pattern to feed dogs and cats once daily, but there is little good reason to follow this and indeed twice daily feeding has many benefits. More regular salivation improvements dental hygiene, smaller meals are easier to digest, and more frequent feeding reduces boredom and begging problems. Of significant importance in deep chested and large breed of dog is the prevention of gastric bloat and torsion which can be induced by large meals, particularly if followed by exercise. Gastric bloat and torsion is a life threatening emergency requiring immediate veterinary intervention.

Bones and chews

Vets will almost always advise that bones and often chews are avoided due to frequent problems when large fragments are swallowed. These can obstruct and even perforate the bowel. However, there are benefits with these, particularly to dental health, and some dogs can tolerate large bones very well. Chews such as Rasks, Royal Canin's Mini Oral Bar and CET chews are a much safer option.
Always consult your own veterinary surgeon before giving bones to a pet. Never give poultry bones, as these often produce sharp fragments when cooked.


All food has an energy value. Carbohydrates are essentially sugars and provide a rich source of energy. Simple sugars such as glucose and dextrose are readily available 'instant-energy'. Starches are readily digested into simple sugars and are derived from potatoes, rice, pasta and other common plant and cereal sources. Starches form a major constituent of many diets as they provide a ready energy source that is more sustained and filling than the simple sugars. Non-digestible carbohydrates form fiber and allow your pet to form a bulky faecal stool. Fiber is generally not broken down by simple stomached animals like dogs or cats, but allows digestion of the other nutrients and formation of a regular, firm, healthy stool. Insufficient dietary fiber can often result in diarrhoea and anal gland problems.

The requirement for carbohydrates is controlled by the weight and activity of our pets. Active animals have a greater need, obese animals and often older animals have much less. Specific diets are configured to meet these needs, such as Royal Canin's 'Obesity' and various geriatric diets. Animals with poor digestion can be helped by a higher fiber, slower digested diet such as Hills i / d. Diabetic animals also are unable to cope well with simple sugars and require a higher fiber food such as Royal Canin's Diabetic diet, or Hills r / d.


Protein provides animals with essential building blocks, the amino acids, which go to make up muscles but are present in almost all body tissues. Certain amino acids can be synthesized by the animal itself, others can not and are termed 'essential amino acids'. These must be provided in the diet. Sources of protein are traditionally meat but alternatives are available and dogs can have a balanced meat-free diet. Cereals, chicken, fish and soya are common sources of protein.
The protein that our pets eat is largely digested in the bowel and absorbed as the constituent amino acids, which are then broken down and assimilated in the liver and other body tissues. The result is the correct balance of amino acids for the individuals needs, coupled with waste nitrogen products – many of which are excreted through the kidneys.

Kidney failure results in the nitrogen waste products failing to be excreted into the urine. Urea is measured in blood to evaluate kidney failure, which affects about 75% of older cats. These cats still have protein requirement to maintain tissue bulk, often high requirements, but it is essential that only the most readily utilized protein is provided through their diet. Diets such as hills k / d utilize specific ingredients to achieve the correctly balanced diet.

Growing dogs and active sporting dogs will also have greater requirement provided by life stage diets, available from many manufacturers.


It is essential that diets contain a small amount of fat. Fat provides a more concentrated but less available source of energy than the carbohydrates. This means that a high fat diet can increase obesity but a balanced diet containing fat will satisfy the appetite better than a low fat, high carbohydrate diet.

Essential fatty acids are so termed because the fat soluble vitamins A, D, and E, they can not be synthesized by the animal but are necessary for normal healthy skin, immune, hormone, and other body systems. Occasional supplementation is necessary for dry skin conditions. Reputable products such as Efavet capsules and viacutan liquid have been specifically designed for use in dogs and cats. Evening Primrose oil has also been traditionally used as a supplement in many skin disorders If appetite is poor, flavor becomes important and it is fat that adds the flavor to many foods, especially meats. Warming food can also enhance flavor.

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI)

is a disease where the pancreas fails to secret the enzymes amylase and lipase essential to digest dietry fat. The result is greasy, soft, often white faeces. The disease is especially common in German Shepherd Dogs but can be present in other breeds too. Reducing the fat levels in the diet can help but usually it is necessary to supplement each meal with the deficient enzymes. Products such as Pancrex, Lypex, or Panzym Powder are available for this purpose.

Vitamins And Minerals

Vitamins are essential nutrients without which many normal body functions are impossible. They are either water or fat soluble and must be be present to meet RDA (recommended daily allowance) in any balanced diet. It is not necessary or advisable to supplement a complete diet with vitamins without the advice of your veterinary surgeon.


are the raw elements which are required in varying quantities and are termed 'macro' or 'micro' minerals, dependent on the quantity necessary for life.

Macro-minerals include calcium, necessary for development of teeth and bones and present in the body in large quantities. Balanced supplements are available for specific situations such as late pregnancy and suckling young. Supplying individual minerals is not recommended, as each one affects others and unnecessary supplementation may upset a fine natural balance.

Micro-minerals such as copper or selenium are only required in very small amounts and again the correct balance is essential for tissue health and development, as well as normal immune and other functions. Supplementation of micro-minerals is only usually recommended under veterinary supervision.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements such as SA37 for growth and during lactation can be considered, especially in large breeds, but often it is better to use an appropriate complete life stage diet.


There are many causes of diarrhoea; from dietary excess, indiscretion, intolerance and allergies to parasites such as worms or protozoa and infections. Many can be controlled by dietary changes alone, for others specific treatments are necessary. Historically Kaolin has been used as a binding agent but this is not well accepted by most cats or dogs. Now modern treatments that are far more palatable such as Canikur tablets and Canikur granules for cats or smaller dogs are available. Pro-Kolin paste for dogs and cats can be very effective. During recovery from many operations ailments and digestive upsets pro-biotic can be given to help restore the natural bacterial or yeast present within the digestive tract, Protexin provides a range of products suitable for cats, dogs, rabbits and horses.

While it is generally acceptable to withdraw food for 12-48 hours for pets with diarrhoea adequate provision of fresh clean water must always be available. Whenever diarrhoea persists beyond 1 or 2 days dehydration can be a very serious concern and a proper evaluation should be made by your veterinarian.

Older Animals

Geriatric pets have altered nutritional needs. Often the appetite is reduced and activity can be less but at the same time it is important to ensure adequate mineral vitamin and protein provision to maintain often wasting muscle mass. In many cases specific diets to suit certain geriatric diseases are of paramount importance, and advise in these cases should always be taken from your veterinarian. When animals are old (cats and dogs typically over eight years of age) it may be enough just to adopt a lifestyle diet from one of the established manufacturers such as Hills, Iams, Royal Canin / Walthon (RCW) or Purina.

Special Prescription Diets

Special Prescription Diets are so called because they are generally only provided through a veterinary surgeon. Examples include: –

Kidney diets commonly given to cats with chronic renal failure. These diets contain minimal salt, fat and protein, and the most digestable proteins and carbohydrates. The idea is to minimize the waste products of digestion which create many of the clinical signs of disease, while maintaining tissue mass to prevent wasting. Most commercial diets are based on chicken and rice, examples include Hills k / d and Royal Canin Renal diet.

Dental plans aim to maximize chewing and salivation while scaping the surface of the teeth and penetrating the gaps between the teeth. The principal of the diet is to provide the right shape and consistency of biscuit with minimal sugars and deposit. Examples include Hills t / d

Diabetic diets must provide a slowly digested and absorbed carbohydrate source to maintain level blood glucose concentration. This is generally achieved by providing high fiber with low fat and simple sugar levels. Examples include Hills i / d and Royal Canin Diabetic diets.

Sensitivity diets are provided for dogs with food allergies or intolerances. Generally common allergens such as wheat glutens are avoided, there is a high fiber inclusion, and protein and carbohydrates are provided from novel sources. There is a great variety of products available from chicken and rice based foods such as Hills i / d to capelin and tapioca diets and Royal Canins Sensitivity control. Atopy, or allergic skin disease, can also be supported by the use of many of these diets when a veterinarian has diagnosed food allergic dermatitis.

Obesity diets are well provided to contain the minimal calories with the maximum gut-fill. There is usually a very high fiber content, and many have biscuits expanded with air and designed scientifically to swell in the stomach giving a 'full' feeling. Examples include Hills r / d and Royal Canin Obesity.