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Great Diets for Quickly Getting Into Shape For Summer!

Usually in the summer due to the hotter weather we do often try to eat much lighter meals, such as salads and lower carbs and this is a good thing. But knowing how to pick out a plan that is manageable and will help you lose weight and one that will not change your lifestyle too much is a tough one to figure out if you do not know what kind of diet to look for that will help you lose weight and not harm you at the same time. Below are a few diets that are considered ones that are healthy and will still help you lose weight during the summer months and all through the year.

The Atkins Diet – This diet has helped a lot of people to lose good amounts of weight by restricting how many carbs they take in. When you go on this diet you will be allowed to eat as much fish, poultry, meats, fats and oils as you want, but you will need to restrict the amount of eggs, cheese, fruit and veggies you can have and they are usually eaten in very small amounts each day. It is claimed that the body will revert to its fat stores and then burn this for the energy needed when it is not allowed to have carbs. So the staples of this diet would be something like steaks and salads. Be careful though some claim that this diet may be lacking in some vitamins and minerals.

The Hay Diet – This diet claims that you should not mix starches and proteins in the same meals. The reason for this is that the stomach will use different enzymes to digest both of these. So, when you put these two foods together in the same meal this makes it harder for the stomach to work in breaking down the protein and the starch so it will take longer for the food to digest. There is a chart that you can get that shows you what foods are best ate together with long a neutral group that can be eat with any food. A lot of people who have been on this diet say they have lost a lot of weight and also seem to have higher energy levels.

The Zone Diet – This diet is pretty simple and easy to remember. If you eat a set ratio of protein, carbs and fats this diet claims your metabolism will burn energy at it's top rate. The diet claims that you should have no more than 30 percent protein and carbs in each meal and then 40 percent should be fruits and vegetables. Basically it's similar to a diabetics diet where the size of your protein and carbs should be no larger than the size of your fist on your plate and the rest of the plate should be filled with fruits and / or vegetables.

The Mediterranean Diet – It seems that in Southern Europe there are far less overweight people than there are anywhere else in the Western world. A lot of this is due to simply how they eat as a norm. They eat far more fruit, veggies and very little saturated fats. They also consume a lot more oil oil and legumes. They generally eat only about 4 eggs a week, fish three to four times a week and poultry, cheese as well as yogurt are ateen twice a week. As for red mead it generally is only eaten once a week. Desserts also are generally only ate once a week.

HS Foods From the Beyond Calories Diet – How Do They Work?

The new 10 day diet plan from the creators of the famous Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet is called Beyond Calories. This diet is based on HS foods.

What are HS foods and how can they help you lose weight?

HS foods are High Satiety foods, that is foods which naturally make you feel full after you eat a small portion of them.

You see, one of the reasons so many people become overweight is that they eat a lot of low satiety foods. These are foods which make you crave more and more foods both physically and mentally when you eat them. This leads you to eat more and more food, much more than you need, and you end up gaining fat and excess pounds.

There's more to creating a High Satiety menu than simply sticking a bunch of HS foods into it. That's where the Beyond Calories diet comes into play in a most effective way. This is a 10 day diet based on HS foods and the correct combination of them. By combining

HS foods in an optimal way, which is what the Beyond Calories diet does, you create a high satiety menu. In this way, you eat nutritionally rich food which keeps you full through the day.

By eating a high satiety menu, you naturally consume less empty calories. HS foods diet makes it easier to avoid food cravings and binging. It also makes your weight loss much more easy to attain.

Beyond Calories can only be gotten by ordering the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet. These 2 diets are highly effective either together or by themselves. They both produce a fast and continuous weight loss.

Lemonade Diet for a Great Body

Lemon has always been a great friend of humans. Citrus fruits help in increasing the immunity of the body manifolds. They are also very helpful in maintaining healthy teeth as well as lose weight. Many realized the potential of this fruit and hence, devised various remedies from its extracts.

Lemonade diet is just one example of a wonderful way to lose weight effectively and quickly. There are so many ways to increase weight within days. However, when it comes to gaining back that sleek, beautiful body back, it becomes a real tiring job and many times, majority of people just fail in losing weight and therefore, leave the hopes too.

The Lemonade diet allows to lose weight, burn fat, gain flat stomach, increase energy and stamina, curb the cravings and finally purify and cleanse the body from all the toxins. This remedy is made out of very natural ingredients and hence, you will not suffer any harmful effects. There is nothing better than restoring to your ever-beautiful body than the flabby, fat one and that too too without any side-effects.

Lemonade diet allows you to blend a perfect diet plan as well as workout routine so that you can lose up to 17 pounds of weight. For that, you will need to make sure that you follow the diet plan exactly as it is told. You can use it every two months so that you never go out of shape or wear on those extra pounds.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that if you are pregnant or if you suffer from high blood pressure or any other health problem, you must consult a physician before you switch to lemonade diet. Do not run into trouble. Just play safe and make sure you follow precautions and take care of the plan in the right way to get maximum benefits.

Low Carb Diet Plan – The Fastest Way to Start

Any time you try to start a low carb diet plan it can be overwhelming at the beginning. Today's we're going to look at some simple guidelines you can follow to make sure you get going quickly, with the perfect blend of food ingredients to supercharge your low carb diet plan fat-burning potential!

Low Carb Diet Plan – The Fastest Way to Start

Just switching to a low carb eating system is not going to let you drop inches around your waist or thighs. And if you somehow do manage to make it happen, you'll snap back even when you come off the carb-restricted diet and likely gain MORE weight than you were carrying previously!

This is one of the hidden lies the weight loss industry puts out endlessly, they never want to talk about what happens after we go back to our normal lives after suffering through an impossible eating routine that only served to create massive cravings and binges.

Knowing this, one of the most important things I can give you regarding any low carb diet plan is making sure you have the right balance of food types to ramp up your metabolic rate and lose weight quickly WITHOUT triggering powerful desires that will sabotage your efforts once you go back to normal.

Asian Women Know The Secret Mix

This may surprise you, but Asian women have traditionally practiced a version of the low carb diet plan for generations, even before the word "carbohydrates" was first discovered.

They knew to mix specific foods together simply because they just worked, and because their Mothers, or Grandmothers, had passed the knowledge down to them as children. This is actually the exact way I personally first heard about what I later learned was a low carb diet plan, as a teenager in Taiwan. My Mom never used the Chinese word for carbohydrates, she instead called these meals "small belly" recipes. ūüôā

Here's how Asian women quickly modify their diet to quickly get their system into a low-carb mode, which lets them quickly drop weight even right after giving birth.

One Simple Rule

Use this one tip at every meal and you'll be on the road to weight loss faster than you think possible … without going hungry:

Eat twice as big a portion of a natural protein (eggs, fish, lean meat, tofu, chicken, etc) as you do non-"white" carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, sweets) at every meal. Limit the protein portion to the size of half a typical 10-inch dinner plate.

Meaning that if you're going to eat a chicken breast for dinner, limit yourself to half the chicken breast's size worth of a non-white-carb side-dish. Make the side-dish a vegetable or fruit (which are natural and GOOD carbohydrates) as long as you follow the size ratio rule.

The mix of protein and a natural smaller carb portion vegetable or fruit actually work together to increase your body's fat burning potential to a much greater degree than a zero-carb or no-carb diet.

You'll Need To Do More To Make It Work

You're not going to discover the true low-carb secret to Asian weight loss from just a quick article or short write-up. In order to really understand how Asian women are able to easily get their incredibly skinny bodies, even right after giving birth, requires a look at ALL of their hidden techniques and simple weight loss methods …

Following A Plant Based Diet Is Easy With Home Gardens

Many people today are turning to a plant-based diet as an alternative to diets too rich in standardized meat products, junk food, and highly processed foods. In some cases, it involves spending more time in the produce section of your local grocery store, looking for fruits and vegetables that are grown organically and spending extra money on them.

You can follow a great plant-based diet in an even better way while growing your fruits and vegetables in your own home garden. If you live in an apartment, you can start a container garden in front of a sunny window. If you have a plot of land to turn into a garden you can go big with a garden filled with healthy fruits and vegetables. You can grow almost anything in a small garden so you have the spring, summer and fall to eat off your own land.

Vegetables Easily Grown At Home

Tomatoes lend them well to container gardening and can grow like wild in the good earth of your back yard. They grow and ripen all season long so you can pick what you need for sandwiches, salads, snacks, fresh sauces and even for juicing.

You can grow your own peas or beans in a container or in your backyard garden. They are rich in phytonutrients that have their maximum potency if you simply pick what you need and eat them as soon as possible; you have the greatest amount of healthy phytonutrients and antioxidants in the food shortly after picking them.

Peppers, zucchini, carrots, broccoli, and greens like Kale are great options for a home garden and allow you to reach for healthy and super fresh produce all summer long and into the fall.

Your Home Garden

If you decide to have a back yard home garden, you need to decide if you want to grow organic foods or not. Organic gardening is the best possible choice because the food is grown without pesticides, herbicides, or fungi. This means no harmful chemicals exist with the food you pick and you can even eat them straight out of the garden without having to wash them intensively.

Grow a wide variety of foods that become ripe at different times of the season:

Radishes, for example, take only a few weeks to becomeible and, after pulling them up, you have room to grow a row of something else. Most people grow tomatoes and some people grow carrots, lettuce, and potatoes.

Both potatoes and squash need the entire summer to become available for eating so all you need to do is to keep them weed-free and watch them grow. In the early autumn or late summer, you can dig up the potatoes and harvest the squash. These types of produce can be kept at room temperature or in a cool place for many months so you have instant winter eating from vegetables you grow in the summer.

Lettuce and other greens can be grown and harvested all summer long for the best in salads that are high in phytonutrients and antioxidants. All you need to do is harvest some of the leaves, wash them, and enjoy them in a healthy salad with tomatoes, carrots, or carpets you grow yourself. This is the core of a plant-based diet that will give you benefits far beyond a meat-based diet.

Meat-based diets are low in antioxidants and high in saturated fats. You can get the nutrition you need from vegetables and fruits you grow yourself with a known reduction in fatty deposits in your arms and a less chance for heart disease and stroke. There is a reduced risk of certain cancers with a low fat, plant-based diet.

Get Even Better Results With Composting

If you want an especially fruitful garden, consider starting a compost pile or box. All you need to do is put in vegetation and clippings from around your yard, add food scraps and paper, mixing everything with a little bit of soil. Worms thrive in the moist environment of a good compost heap so that you will soon have these things turned into rich soil that will make your organic garden thrive.

Get Started Today

There are millions of guides online for organic vegetable gardening, and many books on the topic. In reality, the best teacher is experience, so learn the initial steps, get the supplies and just do it! Remember to get the kids involved in the garden as well; it is a great learning experience, and a great opportunity to spend quality time together.

New Jillian Michaels Diet Plan

Everyone that watches evening TV knows Jillian Michaels name. Jillian has been on the Biggest Loser for all but one of the 11 seasons and this year will probably be her last.

Since the start of the Biggest Loser series Jillian has trained every single winner of the series except for the one season that she sat out of. This season though is going to be the last according to Jillian Michaels she let her Twitter and Facebook fans back in December that she was finished and wanted to move on to other things in her life including adopting children and traveling.

Bob Harper and Jillian have been fun for me as a fitness and TV fan to watch over the last few years so I started to look around to see what options and even if we could get more substance from Jillian. We do maybe have her other TV show where Jillian works with families but who knows if that show will be renewed.

We may be losing Jillian on TV but we will still see Jillian online. There is a diet that Jillian runs that includes lots of stuff like personalized eating plans, exercise plans tailored to you, and lots of tips and tricks for getting your head in the right place so that you can make sure that even after you lose the weight that you will not gain it back.

The great thing about the Jillian Michaels plan is that even without paying for it there is a free set of eating and exercise tips personalized by asking you a few things in a quick questionaire.

I personally took this questionaire as I wanted to see the quality. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčasking a few questions and telling you what to do seemed too easy and vague. In taking the test it looked like Jillian Michaels is not just giving us fluff. The answers looks like it is good for everyone. The results that I got seemed to look at my body type and then told me how to eat and exercise. Impressive which is great for anyone and then of course if you are interested they will sell you the diet.

I am not sure if this diet is for you. You are the only one that can decide what you are looking for but at least we know that there is some substance behind the Jillian Michaels name.

Why Not Choose a Vegan Diet

Man has been known as a meat-eater for a very long time. But in today's age, some people would prefer to go for a meatless eating habit. Vegans or vegetarians are people who are into eating plant-based foods and they seek the health benefits that are found in dieting such food produce.

Eating green plants like vegetables is a great way in dieting but still one must not take for granted the importance of protein in the body. That is because a human body is composed of 40% dry matter (which is protein based) and the rest of the 60% is mostly water based. Protein is important in the repairing of tissues and cells of the body, increasing the immunity level, and developing the body and muscle mass which helps in making the body physically stronger.

To achieve such amounts of essential nutrients for the body while keeping in mind the dietary routine, knowing the right way is important. One is making a vegetarian recipe or meal at home or you can just go and eat at a vegetarian restaurant. Still, here are some helpful tips on getting that vegan diet you always wanted.

First is to make use of meat-substitute food products like beans to be included in your diet. They look and taste like meat but they are still plants and also possess some proteins. Next is the many prepared vegetarian convenience foods that you see at the grocery store. Search for foods that are loaded with important nutrients such as vitamin D and B12, particularly pick up soy products. When you are cooking try to use Tofu or soy crumbles which absorbs seasonings and they also have mild-tasting flavors. Eat dark-green leafy vegetables, which are rich in iron and gives calcium. If you have salads, soups or stews add beans, nuts, or seeds on top to add some protein in them. Choose low and non-fat dairy products. Lastly try going for meatless a day for a week, especially for first timers or people who are still new to the ways of having a vegetarian diet.

Below is a vegetable recipe you can actually do or make your own at home.

Low-Fat Eggplant Lasagna Recipe This is an excellent vegetarian lasagna recipe that is full of healthy eggplants and spinach. It uses no cheese so it's much lower in fat than the traditional lasagna.

  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 10-ounce packages frozen chopped spinach, defrosted
  • 1 medium eggplant diced
  • 1 64-ounce jar pre-made tomato sauce
  • 1 lb lasagna noodle

First, preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Then heat the olive oil on a medium frying pan over medium heat. Next saut√© the garlic for 2 minutes, then add the eggplant and stir. Cover the frying pan and cook the eggplant about 5 – 7 minutes until it becomes tender. Cover the bottom of a 9×12 inch baking pan with 2 cups of tomato sauce, and then cover with 4 or 5 uncooked lasagna noodles over the tomato sauce. Cover it with a thin layer of sauce, then add the cooked eggplant and add another thin layer of tomato sauce. Add another layer of lasagna noodles then another thin layer of sauce, then the spinach and another layer of sauce. Add the remaining noodle and sauce.

Cover tightly with a foam and bake it for 45-50 minutes. The noodles are cooked if they can be pierced by a fork. This makes six servings of eggplant and spinach lasagna and each serving containing 16.3 grams of protein.

Having a natural, meatless eating habit is a great thing. For beginners, just try to take things slowly at first to help your body adapt to the change in your diet. And also do not forget to take some exercise once in awhile to add to your daily routine to have a well-balanced and fit lifestyle.

Detox Diet – Things You Need to Know

Increasing number of specialists and medicalo's declared to have worked out methods to detoxify the human body. The concept of eliminating toxic waste from the body makes you feel better and healthier and therefore number of people are referred to adopt this cleansing approach. Yet, when is the apt time to dedicate yourself to this catharsis? When is the right time for one to experience the detox diet?

Consuming a combination of lemons and herbs in place of a balanced diet for days mostly defines a detox diet. During the detoxification process you tend to lose weight as you rarely primarily on liquids just like fasting. Research shows that a detox diet is right option for you if you want to lose those extra kilos within a few days. It also promises to make you look curvier than before.

Essential nutrients and vitamins are depleted from the body when one misses out on required balanced diet. For this reason, doctors do not advise to carry on detox diet for more than three days. Therefore, this form of purification should be practiced under the guidance of a certified medic.

You are Equipped

Your organs are equipped to carry out filtration processes in the body. Therefore one needs to frequent the washroom several times a day to pass out waste. It's not true that our organs need our help to cleanse the body. They are self sufficient and self reliant and you do not need to skip balanced diet to cleanse the body.

Your health is directly proportional to the efficiency of your organs ie, if your healthy, your organs perform well; and if your unhealthy, your organs fail to perform. To actually help your organs perform well you should alter your lifestyle, should stay away from hard drinks and smoking too much tobacco.

Your Reasons to Detox

You should have valid reasons to try detoxification of the body. Specialists believe that a carefully planned detox diet can bring fruitful results. They give weight to the fact that a diet plan should be chalked out keeping in mind the health conditions of the dieter and implementing it accordingly.

Specialists are of the view that detoxification is not a weight losing technique but a procedure to eradicate toxins and harmful matter from the body. For this very reason, this process is not allowed to continue for more than three days and you will fail to reap results if you are merely doing it because your favorite star lost weight in this manner.

It may mar your health if not practiced under the supervision of a professional and the result of this technique is short lived. It is not as comfortable, instant and easy as it may seem to be. Before committing yourself into such a plan, you should give it a serious thought.

You should get your facts straight before going ahead with a detox diet.