3 Day on, 4 Day Off Diet

What is the 3 Day On 4 Day Off Diet?

This is quite simply a starvation diet that requires you to starve yourself for 3 days by eating an extremely low amount of calories and then go back off the diet for 4 days. The idea is that you will lose a great amount of weight on your 3 starvation days and then use the other 4 days to keep your metabolism up. While the idea of keeping your metabolism up is a good one. The overall methodology of this diet is extremely flawed.

What are the problems with this diet?

1. It’s torture to make it through the 3 days.

2. You may mess up your metabolism by starving yourself.

3. It’s not a long term solution to weight loss.

4. You will likely gain all your weight back.

5. You will not learn how to eat properly.

6. You will continue to “Yo-Yo” up & down.

7. You will feel weak during your 3 days on.

What’s a better alternative?

The Day Off Diet is a far superior alternative that can help you to lose weight fast but most importantly will help you to lose weight over the long term and to keep that weight off.

What makes The Day Off Diet so effective?

1. You will satisfy your cravings with a “day off” once a week.

2. You will boost your metabolism with that “day off.”

3. You will learn the right foods to eat.

4. There is no calorie counting or carb counting.

5. You will never go hungry with “green light” foods.

6. It is incredibly easy to follow.

7. You will enjoy your social life on your “day off.”

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