Adding Color to Your Diabetes Diet Menu

People love to experiment with their diabetes diet menu to make it a little less repetitive and a little bit exciting. This is to help make it less hard to follow the meal plan that seems to become boring to many as time goes on. Adding a few variations is sometimes the best motivation. It may however also pose some threats to your health.

Do not devour the whole new meal in your diabetes diet menu immediately. Prepare the food at least one hour before your scheduled meal and then take only one or two bites and wait a little while and see what happens. Watch for any unwanted reactions your body may showcase. If nothing undesirable seems to be caused by the new meal help yourself and substitute it to the meal in the schedule.

Adding color
White bread and white pastas are only white because of artificial food coloring. They are made of wheat and naturally look brown. Food coloring is readily absorbed in the bloodstream. Artificial coloring has high glucose content which can result in sudden rise in blood sugar levels. This can be very dangerous because it is important that a diabetic remains stable blood glucose levels. It is unhealthy if you choose non-bleached bread and pasta such as whole wheat and other whole grain variations. Whole grain takes significantly more time before being absorbed by the body. This means that it will not cause sudden rise in blood sugar levels and that the individual will stay full longer.

Moderation is a key factor in any diabetes diet menu. Meals should come in small package. Small meals at least six times each day is generally recommended. Small meals help avoid sudden spikes or drops in blood glucose levels. Certain foods that are tolerable but dangerous after getting past the safe intake limit such as alcohol and sweets should also be taken in moderation. You can reserve alcohol and sweets for special occasions and make them more worth celebrating.

Adding color has its advantages and disadvantages. A more colorful diabetes diet menu is more inviting to follow but also requires more preparation. Do not forget to experiment first before adding a meal to your plan. Consulting your dietitian is also a good option. Add the colorful foods in moderation. The improvement in the eating experience can never be worth the risks of losing control of your blood sugar levels.

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