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Is Diet Soda Bad For You?

A question that is asked by many people; "Is Diet Soda Bad for You?" Most diet sodas contain an artificial sweetener called Aspartame, which the majority of experts conclude, is not good for you. So, the simple answer to whether or not diet soda is bad for you is in fact "yes", it is bad for you! However, it is good to keep in mind that just about anything is bad for you if it is consumed in excess quantities.

While dieting, many people find that certain methods work well for them. Some dieters will even drink diet soda as a means to control their food cravings. There is no scientific evidence to support that consuming diet drinks works for this. However, many dieters are unwilling to part with their diet soda for this reason.

A lot of people claim that "soda is sweet, it tastes good and it even provides a reward while dieting". One reason the consumption of diet soda is popular is because it provides a sweet tasting alternative to a popular sweetener, high fructose corn syrup.

High fructose corn syrup is the sweetener for most regular sodas. This ingredient is well known for being high in calories and low in nutritional value. Therefore, companies involved in making diet drinks are looking to provide consumers with a different kind of sweetener.

Aspartame is the artificial sweetener of choice for many of today's popular diet sodas. There is wide spread debate in scientific and medical communities about whether or not Aspartame can be directly linked to several life threatening diseases. Do an online search for the word "Aspartame" if you are interested in finding out more about this debate.

Although, any effective diet program takes a commitment, diet plans that are too strict for the individual dieter will usually not be effective. The dieter on an excessively strict weight loss program will often "fall off the wagon" and give up. Therefore it is important to find a balance in what works for you while dieting.

While finding this balance, it is encouraged to provide yourself with rewards. If diet soda is part of your reward, consider cutting down on it gradually. You will thank yourself in the end for consuming less diet soda because it's ingredients are in fact, bad for you!

Why Your Diet Does Not Work and How to Fix it

Many people who diet and exercise still have trouble losing weight. What most people do not realize is that their diet, though low in calories, will not create significant weight loss. The problem is that most diets, even the diet pyramid developed by the US Department of Agriculture, tend to be low in fat but high in carbs. Unfortunately as we age, our body becomes more resistant to high carbs and stores them as fat.

Keep in mind that there are two types of carbs. The first is simple carbs, which should always be avoided. Simple carbs comes in the form of sugar, white, bleach or refined flour and other assorted junk foods.

Complex carbs are known as good carbs and come in the form of vegetables, fruits, beans, brown rice, oats and whole grain. These foods are good for us because they are nutritious, high in fiber, and reduce cholesterol, so all carbs are not bad.

The problems with most diets are three fold:

1. Too much hidden sugar.

2. Breads, pasta, noodles and packaged foods which usually come in form of bleach or refined flour and do not be fooled by wheat bread. The label must specify whole grain.

3. Too many Complex carbs (the good carbs).

Complex carbs are a great energy source because it gradually raises blood sugar instead of the sudden peak and crash that happens with simple carbs. Complex carbs feed muscle and brain cells and are necessary as part of the body's nutritional need.

However, as we get older, our body tend to store fat more efficiently. This is probably because of poor dietary habits over a life-time. Most people eat too many carbs and the body learns to store it as excess energy better know as FAT.

Many people over 35 are "carb sensitive" and can not even lose weight on a 1300 calorie a day diet. So the way to defeat the body's inclation to store fat is to give it less carbs towards the late afternoon and increase the intake of lean protein.

You can easily lose weight on 2100 daily calories of reduce carbs and higher protein and NOT LOSE a pound on a 1200 calorie low fat, high carb diet.

So what is the bottom line if you're one of those "carb sensitive" people who can not lose weight on a typical low calorie, high carb diet? Here's the secret.

1. The only carb you should eat after 4 pm is from non-starch vegetables. In other words, reduce your overall carb intake after 4 pm to 20 grams or less.

2. Reduce your total carb intake to 100 grams or less, eating most of your carbs in the morning and early afternoon where you typically need more energy.

3. Other than vegetables, avoid eating carbs in the evening because your body will turn those excess carbs, into stored energy or fat as you prepare for bed. Energy demands are not usually very high in the evening and sleeping hours.

4. The bulk of your carbohydrates consumption should come from complex carbohydrates such as:

* Oats

* Brown rice

* Wild rice

* Barley

* Sweet potatoes

* Legumes

5. Eat frequent, small meals to maintain stable blood sugar which promotes increase fat burn. Plan to eat every 3 hours. You can have small between meal snacks such as nuts, protein shakes, beans mixed with ground turkey or lean beef, salads, chicken breast.

6. Lunch and dinner should consist of lean protein with 2 vegetables. Sweet potato is an excellent early mid day vegetable along with a lean protein such as chicken breast, turkey, roast pork loins, lean pork chops, lean turkey or beef patty with no bread. Avoid sweet potato or any starchy vegetable after 4 pm.

7. Never skip breakfast. Start the day with oatmeal or with a whole grain cereal. Egg whites or egg substitute make a good protein source in the morning.

8. If you have to snack in the late evening, snack on a protein source which does not convert to sugar as easily as carb sources. Deli lunch meat, protein shake, At Atkins protein bar or even sugar free jello (no carbs) makes a good late night snack if you get the urge.

9. Get started today by writing down your meal plan or go to reputable websites like the Diet Forum to get a good plan.

Keep in mind that bodybuilders do not have trouble losing body fat and it's not because they work out all the time. Their secret is diet. Months before a contest, they reduce carbs take but still eat plenty of protein to build muscle. Bodybuilders also eat the majority of their carbs before mid afternoon. They avoid bread, pasta, sugar products and white flour like the plague and can lose 20 to 30 pounds of unwanted fat in less than 12 weeks.

You do not have to be a bodybuilder to lose weight but you should think like one. Follow the suggestions above and watch the fat melt from your body.

Best Weight Loss Diet?

It seems that everyday, we see an ad or read yet another article telling us about a new diet that is the “best weight loss diet”. With all the conflicting advice, how do you decide which one is the right one for you? That decision needs to be based on your weight loss goal, your individual food tastes and your lifestyle. Many diets fail because these factors are not considered.

Your weight loss goal may only be to lose 5 pounds so that your jeans won’t be quite so tight. You may want to lose that quickly and will only need to be on a diet program for as little as two to three weeks. If that is the case, then the “lose weight fast” plans may be a viable option for you. Most of those plans such as meal replacement with shakes, allow you to lose weight quickly. However, they are not usually very healthy and are not a good option for someone needing to lose more weight and be on a more long term weight loss plan. Long term use of such plans can be damaging to your health.

Your individual tastes in food also need to be considered when choosing a diet plan. For example, if you have a strong taste for salty, starchy foods, which are usually carbohydrates, the Atkins diet would probably be very difficult for you to maintain. You would do much better with a plan that allows more carbohydrates. Look closely at the foods allowed on the diet you are considering and seriously consider if you think you will be able to stick with it. While you are not going to find a healthy diet that lets you eat cookies or ice cream everyday, you probably won’t stick to one that consists only of foods that you dislike.

Finally, your lifestyle needs to be considered. If you are tied to a desk all day with very little flexibility in your routine, trying a diet plan that requires that you eat prepared food six times a day probably is not a good choice. Likewise, diets which require exotic foods or unusual food combinations will be difficult for someone who has a family of finicky children to cook for and keep happy.

You should never decide to follow a certain diet just because it is the latest craze or it worked for someone else you know. Stop and think about whether it is the right diet for your individual needs. The “best weight loss diet” is the one that best fits each individual dieter.

Diet and Exercise

Most people are already aware that balanced diet and exercise are important in order to have healthy lifestyle.

Gyms around the world are enjoying their post-holiday, increased-traffic-and-income days. Millions of people are flocking to fitness rooms because they've told themselves – again – they're really going to diet and exercise more this year. Some – again – have already found their zeal's vanished into thin air. Unlike their pounds.

This is generally the time when our excitation and motivation to lose weight stares the cold, hard facts in the face: weight loss is not a one-month activity. Gym visits and diets must become a way of life in order to work. Suzanne Somers can not lose the pounds for you. Neither can Jenny Craig. So stop trying to find fad diets or quick-fix weight loss programs.

Losing weight is tough. Keeping it off is even tougher. You have to go into it with the right mind set. Whether you're trying to do it to look better, feel better or improve your health, let that be your starting point. Then do the research. Make an educated, informed decision based on your physical condition, your nutrition preferences, and your lifestyle.

If you know what you're doing and why, you'll find it easier to stick with it for the long haul. Sure, you can go on any diet and lose five pounds in two days, but that wreaks havoc on your body. The more sensible thing to do is get informed, eat moderately, and exercise regularly. Let the diet and exercise program be something that guides, rather than controls your life. is an online resource tool designed to help you sift through fact from fiction in the sea if dietary information out there. It helps you be informed, get healthy and stay that way. It focuses on the value of healthy nutrition, regular exercise and daily habits as the key elements in shedding the pounds and keeping them off for a long time. allows you to choose whether South Beach is your style or if the Zone Diet suits your needs better. The type of diet itself is not as important as your motivation, patience and perseverance. Turn your knowledge into power by picking what works for you, and you'll see the difference soon. And just remember that diet and exercise are like other important things in life: it takes time and sweat, but the result is well worth the effort!

IBS – Symptoms and Treatment with a TWIST!

IBS is a dreadful word for the many people who have to cope with the stress, both physically and mentally that this condition brings. As per IFFGD a registered nonprofit education and research organization irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects approximately 10-15% or more of the general population.

Among other things IBS sufferers have to cope with symptoms such as abdominal cramps, stomach ache, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, back ache, leg ache, headache, chronic fatigue, excessive gas, bloating, irritability, and panic attacks.

What is most concerning is the fact that most sufferers don’t know or have never been properly diagnosed with IBS, even by our own trusted doctors. IBS is characterized as a disorder that generally can not be diagnosed in a traditional way; that is, as an inflammatory, infectious, or structural abnormality that can be seen by commonly used examination, x-ray, or blood test.

And for the lucky few whose IBS symptoms are correctly diagnosed, what solutions and cures are available for such patients? Try to search for a treatment for IBS and you will be flooded with options, most of which are a complete waste of time, resulting in further frustration and misery.

So what is the solution – is IBS not curable?

To answer this we have to look Irritable Bowel Syndrome in more detail and try to understand the real causes that affect an individual to suffer from IBS symptoms. One thing is sure, there is no magic wand that can be waved which will cure your IBS.

Whilst trying to search for best way to manage IBS, we have discovered a very simple and common sense approach to handle IBS treatment, which could help anyone to take control of IBS in one’s own hands. An IBS cure which is 100% safe and natural and won’t require any kind of prescription medications. This could be a revolutionary new approach but what exactly what is this approach?

Become your own IBS Diet Manager

IBS Diet Manager is a programme which will allow you to record everything you eat and drink for every single meal, and then use the repors to see what effects different foods have on your IBS symptoms. The best part is you can start doing it with just a pencil and paper in your hand, just record what you have eaten during the day and their effects on you. By doing this you will quickly learn which foods and food groups cause you the greatest distress. You will learn which foods to avoid and which foods are safe.

Unlike all other IBS diets, if you use this approach, it does not tell you what to eat. Instead it will give you the information to listen to your body, and let your body tell you what works for you. That means you don’t necessarily have to cut out the foods which you like!

What is the Guarantee that this approach will work?

The IBS Diet Manger approach is a tried and tested technique used by people who are themselves long term sufferers of IBS. And the results of discovery about their eating patterns and their effects are so encouraging that these very people made a online reporting system with much more advance list of food categories and IBS reporting system but if you like you can start this reporting with just plain paper and pen and start recording your daily diet along with their effect on your body.

Try this new approach on IBS Diet Management, and the best part is you can use this approach by starting immediately – take out few minutes everyday and write down your daily food intake details and their side effects, (if any) – this approach towards your diet pattern will surly help. As said earlier there is no magic wand which will cure you but here an opportunity exists for all of you, who have suffered the ill effects of IBS symptoms to let your body tell you what works for you. Start recording your diet details today with pen and paper – Now!. It couldn’t be much simpler than this.

Visit our site for IBS Diet Manager which have advanced tools to generate automatic reports of your diet and its side effects

Master Cleanse Secrets Book

Have you heard of The Master Cleanse Secrets book? You can lose a lot of weight, just look at Beyonce Knowles who lost an amazing 22 pounds in just 10 days using the Master Cleanse System.

Together weight it eliminates poisons and toxins from your body, and helps in the removal of wastes from deep within the body. Do not go on this diet without reading the guide Master Cleanse Secrets, this book makes it so much easier to stay on the diet, and lose the weight and toxins.

You will learn how this diet works, and why it eliminates the unwanted plaque that has taken years to build up, why you have such an increase in energy and will help your mind focus much better.

This body cleansse diet will make you look and feel good. If you are a teenager and you want to get rid of that acne this book is for you. You may be afraid of going hungry on this diet, no problem the answers are in the book to keep you from feeling hungry.

Here is the results of the supercharged lemonade diet:

– Will eliminate the toxins and mucous from your body.

– Will normalize your appetite and your metabolism so that your body can comfortably adjust to the ideal weight for your size-naturally.

– Will restore your suppressed hormones so that your body will be super charged with youth giving and feel good hormones.

– Will remove the waste and the hardened matter in your joints and your muscles.

– Will relieve the pressure and the irritation in your nerves, arteries and blood vessels that creating a healthy blood stream.

– Will reduce internal inflammation, which will ease your aching joints

Facts That Will STOP Your Addiction To Food

Dieting can be a slow process and it can take a long time to see results. So it’s understandable why people sign up to weight loss fast diets which claim you can shed pounds in just a few weeks.

It’s tempting to sign up to one of these diets when you hear claims that you can “lose 30 pounds in 6 weeks” or “i lost 5 pounds in my first week”, but it is important to know the truth about them. This article will look at some of the things you need to know.

Weight Loss Fast Diets

These diets are also known as “crash diets”. There are many available on the market and each has its own claims that it holds the secret to losing weight fast. Some weight loss fast diets tell you to eat just 1000 calories a day, to cut out all carbohydrates or to drink milkshakes instead of meals. Sound like hard work? That’s because it is!

Depriving Yourself

Fundamental to all these weight loss fast diets is DEPRIVATION. Basically you are starving your body of something it needs. When you starve your body you are more likely to give up and binge eat, which will lead to weight gain.

Health Risks

You could be depriving your body of vital vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy. What are the results of a non-balanced diet?

  • Bad skin
  • Weak immune system: more likely to get ill
  • Tiredness and feeling lethargic
  • Loss of concentration
  • Dry tired looking hair

Yo-Yo effect

The most ironic thing about weight loss fast diets is for most people you end up GAINING weight long term. These diets aren’t maintainable so eventually you will return to your old eating habits. You will find when you return to eating normally your body will put on weight easily. This will mean you will need to go on another diet to lose weight again. This is the vicious circle, hence the yo-yo effect.

So How To Lose Weight?

Basically these diets do not work long term because they are impossible to maintain. you may think they are OK short term to lose weight and then you’ll stop. However they often lead to actually gaining weight.

The best solution is making PERMANENT decisions and changing your eating habits, realistically to something that can be maintained. By trying a permanent diet plan you are much more likely to maintain the realistic dieting. Long term this will lead to weight loss which is kept off for life.

The key is consistency, patience and permanent, healthy eating plans.

How to Prevent Injuries With a Balanced Diet

We've all heard the term "a 4-6 week recovery". That heart retching sentence that eats you up inside. Whether it's a strain, pull, sprain, tear or even a fraction, asking a ballerina to rest is like disabling one's way to express oneself. So what are the most common ballet injuries?

An Injury Breakdown for a ballerina is 65% -80% leg injuries, 10% -17% spine injuries and 5% -15% arm injuries. What cause these you might ask?

Factors and origin of these injuries include fatigue, poor alignment, environmental hazards, inexperience, over training, incorrect use of muscles, incorrect use of turn out and muscle imbalance etc. Unfortunately injuries are part of a ballerina's life. So how do we ensure a fast recovery?

4-6 weeks is how long it takes damaged tissue to be replaced. Physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, cross training, laser therapy help aid in a fast recovery. But surprisingly proper nutrition and hydration play a huge rule in it too. How?

A daily diet during recovery should consist of complex carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, foods high in vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants rich foods and plenty of water.

Complex carbohydrates are broken down and stored as glycogen which is what gives your muscles fullness. Consumption of carbohydrates is the catalyst for protein sparing. In which your protein is used for muscle building instead of being used as energy. Proteins role is to rebuild damaged muscles and replenishes lost nutrients to you injured body. Doctors recommend adding 15% -18% more protein into your diet while injured. Healthy fats help with cellular healing, anti-infection and improve circulation throughout the body. Water moves toxins away from the site of injury.

How to reduce risk of injury?

Always prepare well your body before classes, rehearsals and work out in general. Warm up thoroughly, stretch and focus.It is recommended to wear warm and comfortable clothes.

Have a spatial awareness of your environment and others in it. Have self awareness of your body and its limits. Do not forget to drink plenty of water before, during and especially after dancing or exercising. Have properly fitted shoes, you can prevent injuries just by making sure you have proper absorption of impact, support for your body and correct weight distribution. Create the habit to cool down properly after classes, rehearsals, exercise or performances.

Do not forget,
Having a balanced healthy diet is key.
So eat well, heal well, stay well.

The Effect of Diet on Cancer

First, it is important to note that one should not change their diet suddenly and completely based upon the results of one study or one news report about the effect that any one food, vitamin, mineral, dietary supplement, or additive has on cancer. "Studies" and "reports" are published all the time, and many of these studies and reports are based upon limited research. The conclusions are not established within any medical degree of certainty.

Now, having said that, we do know with a high degree of medical certainty that certain foods, beverages, vitamins, minerals, etc., do impact cancer risk. For example:

We know that consuming two alcoholic drinks per day by a man increases his risk of getting cancer of the mouth, pharynx (throat), larynx (voice box), esophagus, liver, and breast, and probably of the colon and rectum. A daily intake of only one alcoholic drink by a woman creates the same risk.

We also know that the body uses the antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables to fight cancer. Results of research tells us that people who eat more vegetables and fruits that are rich sources of antioxidants have a lower risk for some types of cancer.

It has been established that the consumption of processed meat as well as red meat is linked to a higher risk of certain kinds of cancer. However, there is no indication that reducing cholesterol (found in processed and red meat) has either a positive or a negative effect on cancer risk. Lowering cholesterol does, however, lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.

The red-orange carotene pigment called lycopene is mainly found in tomatoes and tomato-based foods and to some extent in pink grapefruit and watermelon. There have been several studies that have reported that consuming tomato products reduces the risk of some cancers.

Strip That Fat Review – What Can it Do For You?

Strip That Fat is a weight loss plan which is increasing in popularity at a remarkable pace. More and more people are trying out Strip That Fat to help them achieve a fast and sustainable weight loss.

But what can this program really teach you? What can it do for you?

The main emphasis which StripThatFat places is how to avoid short term weight loss by following what is known as Burst diets: diets which only help you to lose weight in the short run but can not provide steady results in the long run. This happens because many diets deprive you of necessary nutrients (carbs, fat, protein) and so disrupt the metabolic process and the regular functions of your body.

StripThatFat is not about increasing your body of food groups as a whole. Rather, it is based on choosing the right food items, eating them at the right time, and avoiding bad foods in order to accelerate fat loss. Because it does so without depriving you of too much food or nutrients, you can enjoy a long and sustainable weight loss process.

Strip That Fat can teach you the following things:

  • How to make yourself feel fuller faster
  • How to reduce inches
  • How to increase the rate of your weight loss
  • How to eat fat and still lose weight
  • How to train your body to burn off more calories faster
  • Why some diets fail
  • And more

Apart from the main benefit which this diet provides which is helping you to look better by shedding some extra pounds, you can also improve your health, increase confidence, enjoy the admiration of the opposite sex, and have more fun just by becoming a slimmer more attractive person.