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Personally, as far as I’m concerned, summer is not over. We have at least another month of amazing weather and I will be a the beach tomorrow, getting my tan on,  not preparing for the next holiday on our seasonal list.

But beer is a finicky creature. One the shelves one moment, it’s gone the next whether due to the vagaries of the LCBO or the buying public. It behooves you to grab the good stuff while you can.

So here’s a list of the best Halloween beers provided by BarTowel, along with an addendum provided by myself; sure to enliven your celebration of all things spooky. (Most of these items are not officially released yet and you won’t be able to search for them on the LCBO website until they are. They should be out soon. Don’t forget to use drinkvine for all of your booze-locating needs!)

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hintachino nest real ginger beerOne of my favorite things they do to beer is adding flavorings to beer to create something new. Fruits and spices make for great adjuncts so when I picked up a bottle of Hitachino Nest Real Ginger Brew (171546, 330 mL, $3.95) I figured I might be onto a good thing.

I like non-alcoholic ginger beer and ginger ale. Some of the best I’ve ever had was made by Kyle Burch of the sadly defunct Bespoke Bar blog from his house. He’d brew it in leftover Beau’s Lugtread Ale ceramic bottles. It was peppery as all hell with a much softer carbonation than was found in the commercial recipes. Both types go very well with West and East Indian food; the spicier the better.

Anyway, I decided to make a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches to eat with the ginger beer. There were some interesting odds and ends in my fridge and I’d had a hankering for one ever since I visited The Grilled Cheese, a little cafe serving just that in Kensington Market at 66 Nassau St.

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I’ve been having way too much fun this summer and my roommate and I were temporarily disconnected from the internet for a couple of weeks. While being unplugged can be good, it also meant I couldn’t write about the outstanding things I’ve been doing. Anyhow, I’m back!

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God, I miss Dennis Hopper (although the only time I’ll drink PBR is when its cheap).

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