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But the older I get, the more I think that the whole purpose of life is to have fun.

(Photo taken by Adam Goldberg.)

Nørrebro Bryghus, hailing from the Danish craft beer scene, is the latest brewery to have its turn in the spotlight of the LCBO’s Featured Brewery program.

Like Harviestoun before, Nørrebro can be a bit tricky to locate. I had no trouble picking up the first four but the Var Tripel (210773, 600 mL, $9.35) eluded me. From what I’ve read, it’s a Belgian-inspired triple with lots of spice and citrus notes. Sounds tasty.

Attractively-packaged with a color scheme right out of the ’70′s, the large bottles are designed for sharing so I invited some friends over to help me drink them before we went out that night. Here’s what we thought…

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Crawford is about to shake up the Little Italy nightlife.

Last Saturday nearly turned out to be a bust for me and my friends. While all the essentials (what we were going to drink and whose house we were starting at) had been figured out, a simple mistake nearly unraveled the whole endeavor.

One of my friends was under the impression that 90′s Party, the retro montly at Neutral was happening this weekend when it was actually scheduled for next weekend. Although there was another 90′s party at Augusta House, I haven’t been interested in going there since 2007 so we had to find a new spot and fast.

A couple of phone calls later, we heard that Bang The Party! was moving to a new bar on Crawford and decided to check it out.

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With a solid team behind the bar and plenty of positive word-of-mouth, look for Crawford to be one of the biggest bars in Toronto for 2011.

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