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Infinium (227660, 750 mL, $15) is not a great beer. It’s not as bad as you might have heard but it’s certainly interesting and a bit unexpected; like a blind date where you both choose the same bar to meet up at.

The girls I was having dinner with that night got excited when I pulled it out of my bag. “Oooh, you brought champagne!” Bring it to any party and you’ll probably get a favorable reaction but the similarities end there. Might as well get that out of the way right now.

Infinium is not like champagne.

It’s housed in a champagne-style bottle with a cork you can pop to great effect. It’s made with champagne yeast and is indeed effervescent although not dry. Those of you looking to make that comparison will be disappointed; as will anyone hoping to persuade their significant other to drink more beer.

Infinium is no gateway beer.

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St. Patrick’s Day, like many holidays, has been watered down into a poor parody of itself.

Everyone becomes Irish and dresses in garish garb that no one at Carnival or Pride would be caught dead in. Most people aren’t even Catholics so the idea of celebrating the lifting of Lenten restrictions with a little excess has no point.

Basically, it’s an excuse for people who work too much and don’t have enough fun to let loose. That being said, I’m not the sort of fellow who thinks any of my reasons for not liking this holiday should get in the way of people enjoying themselves. I’d just like it if people were a little more cogent of the wires working this puppet show.

So do it up. Laugh with your friends. Make someone’s night. But don’t do it because it’s a “holiday”. Do it because it’s just another day and you’re alive and well and things are (hopefully) alright. Head on over to The Ceili Cottage, the Dora Keogh or McVeigh’s if you’re a regular but any bar will do.

Me, I’ll be listening to the Pogues.

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Things still look pretty grim in Wisconsin. The Ivory CoastJapan and Libya are going down the shitter. Seems appropriate.

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Is the idea of legalized public drinking inexorably linked for you to the sort of behavior in the video above? While the cynical boozehound in me views the proposed changes to our province’s liquor laws as an attempt by McGuinty and Co. to ward off PC leader Tim Hudak and Ford Nation, I can’t help but get a little excited.

No more beer tents! Whether you’re going to a music festival or the Ex, this is potentially huge. No lineups! No more missing bits of the show because you need another drink.

Anyone who claims we’ll have more drunk assholes like the fella above is missing the point. They’ll always be around. There’s no sense in punishing the vast majority of responsible adults because a few idiots can’t handle their liquor. If they get out of line? BAM, the hammer falls. Zero tolerance.

Of course, Hudak chimed in that he was all for “treating people like adults and not children”. While his point that the Liberal provincial government ignored similar recommendations made in a 2005 study is a good one, I fail to see how bringing back “buck-a-beer” is a grown-up idea.

Wet blanket and New Democrat leader Andrea Horwath stated that “when and where people drink beer is not a priority for most Ontarians”.

Andrea, last time I looked, you’ve never come close to winning an election and judging from the comments appended to this article, I’d say people do give a shit. Maybe you’re not as in-touch with the people as you think?

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