Nora Maynard asks a great question and since nothing is more appealing to me than being stuck in a tropical paradise with an unlimited supply of booze, I’ll answer it.

1. Pink Gin-and-Tonic

One of my favorite cocktails made so much better with the inclusion of Fever-Tree Tonic Water.

2. Dark-and-Stormy

Because I’ve been drinking ginger beer since I was little.

3. Mai Tai

It’s so hard to find a good one and we’re lucky to have three or four bars in Toronto who do it justice. The quinessential island drink.

4. Black Velvet

A bit of an oddball choice but I really enjoy ‘em.

5. Manhattan

Always a Manhattan, never a Martini. I can’t help which camp I fall in… What are your desert island cocktails? |The Kitchn|

James Chatto’s swan song for Toronto Life finds him celebrating the architects of the current renaissance our city’s cocktail culture is currently reaping the benefits of. Having finally gotten around to visiting Barchef, I think I need to make my way to both the Black Hoof and Ame. |Toronto Life|

Malcolm Gladwell wonders why we’re surprised when we treat drinkers like sex-and-violence-crazed ruffians and then they behave that way. His idea of using culture to constrain our expectations surrounding the consumption of alcohol has merit. |Toronto Life|

Speaking of ruffians, the City of Toronto has approved temporary changes to the serving hours for bars during the World Cup. You’ll be able to get your booze one, whole hour earlier! |blogTO|

What the city giveth it taketh away… Any bars and restaurants within the G20 security zone will have their patios closed for the two weeks of the summit. I agree with Adam Vaughan on how poorly this has been planned regarding the needs of the city. Makes me wanna strap on a bandanna and start some shit! |CTV Toronto|

Aluminium cans are actually far worse for the environment than bottles when you factor in strip mining.  I never really thought about it but it makes sense to me. Apparently, places like Jamaica and Ghana are hit really hard by this. |Nor Cal Beer Guide|

Instead of buying ginger beer for your Dark-and-Stormys make some. It’s dead-easy and if you have any flip-top bottles lying around, they make for the perfect receptacle. Bonus: The strawberry consommé recipe just below is delicious as well! |Design*Sponge|

Rachel Maddow makes a Manhattan! I agree with her on the heavy-handed use of bitters and the omission of the cherry. |sis. boom. [blog!]|

In related news, smart people drink more alcohol. I’m sure she would agree. |Gawker|

Depending on the cocktail you’re making, you might want to use a different shake. Every bartender has their own twists but knowing how long and, more importantly, when to shake can be key. |StarChefs|

In a round-up of this week’s interesting recipes, we have the Flor de Jalisco (think a margarita with marmalade and agave nectar in place of triple sec), the Sake and Raspberry Sorbet Cocktail (not a fan of blended drinks but this looks  tarty enough),  the Rhubarberol (my second favorite thing to come out of spring after fiddleheads) and the Sleepyhead (you can never have enough ginger). |SLOSHED!, Lemons and Anchovies, Houseboat Eats, Imbibe|

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