beer clipBecause I’m all about respecting the inner MacGyver, isn’t this a genius solution to preventing beer from rolling around in your fridge? This represents a revolution in beer-storage!

I’ve stopped mourning summer and have gotten on with the fall. Whisky, sausages and root vegetables are the order of the day and I don’t mind wearing jackets anyway because that means three extra pockets for me!

Lately, my links have moved away from cocktails with lots of news and more of a focus on beer. While I’m sure we can all agree that beer is terrific stuff, there’s nothing like a good, stiff drink to take the bite out of those chilly breezes that have been plaguing us lately. With that in mind, these links are almost entirely based around that theme. Enjoy!

Zubrowka is one of my favorite spirits, giving what is nominally vodka a kick of cinamon and herbal notes. Ever since I used to spend my days at Rasputin Vodka Bar in Leslieville, I’ve consumed it either neat or with apple juice. Considering how much of it I imbibed, it’s surprising I never realized it was named Tatanka. Another nifty autumn cocktail is the Sharky Punch, an older recipe featuring calvados, rye and soda to great effect. |The National Post|

It may be getting chilly out there but it’s never too late for Porch Crawlers! |The Bitten Word|

A less potent version of the Negroni substitutes sparkling wine for gin, soaks the oranges in red vermouth and then roasts them. Not all drinks need to be stiff! |The Huffington Post|

While the warm weather may be done, I’m can’t quit gin yet and neither will you after you try The Last Word. |foodtease|

Hallowe’en is coming up and I’m thinking the Ashtray Heart may very well be the best seasonal cocktail I’ve seen. Rum and vermouth with a mezcal rinse? Sign me up! |SLOSHED!|

Before we get spooky, Thanksgiving is this weekend and I think I’m going to make myself a Pumpkin Pie Old Fashioned when I visit the family. |The National Post|

Buried in the back of my fridge is a jar full of berries soaking in sugar and booze. You can add it to all kinds of desserts but I mostly add it to ice cream. It’s called Rumptof, it’s a terrific way to enjoy fruit past summer and it’s really easy to make. |Well Preserved|

Infusing your booze is so easy, I’d be doing it with any spirit you don’t have a specific plan for. Put stuff in your booze and leave it for as long as you can stand. Drink it and repeat. Dr. Bamboo’s been experimenting with coffee beans. |Dr. Bamboo|

Once you’ve gotten your feet wet, it’s time to start getting creative and consider specifically infusing certain ingredients to play off other ingredients in future cocktails. |The New York Times|

Dr. Bamboo also gets into the anatomy of a Mai-Tai. While I’ve talked about this before, the man provides a solid synopsis for those who might be feeling overwhelmed by this giant of a cocktail. |Dr. Bamboo|

Everyone repeat with me, the magic formula for creating a well-balanced cocktail is 2-1-1 (2 parts strong, 1 part sweet and 1 part sour). This may sound very basic and elementary but you have no idea how many times I’ve been at parties where someone poured themselves a drink and then found themselves incapable of drinking it. |Served Raw|

Since we’re back in school for a moment, let’s examine the barspoon and its role in whether you should shake or stir a cocktail. |Happy Hour – Umamimart|

If you’re trying to get rid of that Blue Curacao in your liquor cabinet, make a Taveirinha! It’s nothing special but it sure is pretty to look at. |Pour mes ami|

Of course, not everything’s about cocktails.

The British Navy has released the last stores of its rum and an enterprising distributor has begun selling what is quite probably the most expensive rum in the world. I certainly wouldn’t pay $40 for 3/4 of an ounce but certain people will find this sort of thing irresistible. |The New York Times|

Damn straight we reuse bread! (Just not if its stale.) This and 19 other “secrets” from inside restaurant kitchens reveal that the 5 second rule applies to 25% of kitchens in an anonymous survey by the Food Network. Some of this makes sense (like not ordering chicken or pasta and never ordering fish on Sunday) but when it comes to hygiene; out of sight, out of mind. If you can’t see anything, it’s probably relatively clean. If a place looks filthy… ||

In the face of growing acceptance of screw cap wine, the cork industry is mounting a concerted effort to persuade the public that not only does wine sealed with a cork of better quality, it is also environmentally-friendly. This makes no sense for most of the bottles out there andbut seeing as cork is a protected resource, shouldn’t they be careful about increasing production? |Toronto Sun|

If you answer anything but “no” to the question of whether guns should be allowed in bars, you’re an idiot. Clearly, they should be left in the glove compartment so you can wait outside for that douchebag who had it coming. |SodaHead|

I’d love to see co-op bars take route in Toronto. The idea of a not-for-profit neighborhood pub run and operated by the people who go there is an incredibly-seductive one. Of course, I wouldn’t want to be friends with most of the people I run into at bars, much less run a business with them. |Thrillist|

I know I promised I wouldn’t talk about beer but I can’t resist. In the face of everyone who pairs wine and cheese, I SAY THEE NAY! Beer is a far more suitable choice and here’s why. |Toronto Sun|

While beer and cheese is gaining ground, people still look at you funny when you talk about mixing beer cocktails. I love taking equal portions of freshly-squeezed orange juice and any wheat beer in a pint glass. In fact, I’d take it over a Mimosa or Caeser any day. You can go further than that though… How about gin and absinthe with Duvel (a Belgian ale)? |OregonLive|

(Photo from muteboy’s Flickr Photostream.)

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