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Huzzah! Best TV spot I’ve seen in awhile. You can watch the apology for it and the apology for the apology here. |AdFreak|

Cross-border shopping is impossible unless you’re willing to stay over for a couple days. Thankfully, the LCBO is finally catching up with America in some ways. You can get St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur (180695, 750 mL, $49.95), Aperol (176834, 750 mL, $22.95) and four different Amaros but where’s my Luxardo Maraschino and Crème d’Yvette?

Despite the snarkiness from some of my colleagues, it’s still nice to see the LCBO bringing in some quality, established products and I really hope they penetrate into the mainstream bar-consciousness. |The National Post|

What if an iconic beer brand died and no one gave a shit? Josh Rubin’s calling the near-future expirations of Molson Canadian and Labatt Blue. Maybe they’ll revamp it like 50 but in a market where people are drinking better, it’s going to be difficult to make them marketable. |Toronto Star|

While I’d love to see more BC wine in Ontario, I’d rather see the rules preventing this not be struck from the books if it means being flooded with cheap, foreign stuff. Maybe an amendment of some kind could work which allows for personal imports/exports? |The Globe And Mail|

Apparently, a new study says that couples who drink together, stay together. Drinking apart or not drinking the same amount tends to make things worse but I feel like that’s the kind of wisdom my papa would’ve laid on me before I get married. No surprises here. |Physorg|

Yes yes yes! After all of the praise that Goodnight! (a make-reservations “speakeasy”) has been accumulating, it’s nice to see someone who knows what they’re talking about not play ball. The stakes are higher when it comes to serving high-end cocktails and the mistakes Adam McDowell writes about are pure bush-league. |The National Post|

I started out as a barback and I have to say I agree with Gary Regan when he says many young bartenders today are skipping crucial experiences before jumping behind the bar. |SFGate|

But don’t despair, there’s hope yet! Darcy O’Neil’s predictions for the world of bartending in 2011 are out and he says we’ll be focusing more on the customer experience; something well-worth considering by owners in these hard times. |Art of Drink|

Hell, the industry might be in trouble if self-serve bars take off but somehow I doubt it. It’s a bit too much wino for my taste and I don’t think I’m the only one who feels that way. |DNAinfo|

Food trucks are facing an uphill battle to sell their wares on the street. At least they’re doing one better than hot dogs. |Wall Street Journal|

I dig how SABMiller wants to ante up with their Waterworld plan in event of a post-apocalyptic scenario but if society truly does collapse, massive, floating beer factories are probably not going to be a priority; even for them. |Beverage Daily|

What’s better than a gin cocktail? Apparently, a gin cocktail that’s been aged in bourbon barrels. |GRUB STREET San Francisco|

If I’m not using gin, I’m probably using bourbon. The Lazy Boy make involve a bit of prep-time but it’s well worth it. Figs, ginger and honey! Nora’s changes to the original recipe are solid. |the kitchn|

I’m not a big fan of martinis (try getting a decent one around town) but it looks like Marleigh’s recipe could convert me. Great gin and enough vermouth make it sound so much more appetizing. |SLOSHED!|

I’m also not much for gimlets but I do admire the perspicacity of a fella who decided to make his own, perfect version of Rose’s Lime Cordial. |12 Bottle Bar|

One thing I do love is the Manhattan and the infinite variations one can expound on from that perfect, initial marriage of whisky, sweet vermouth and bitters. My current favorite is swapping out the sweet vermouth for an amaro (like Amaro Montenegro [601484, 750 mL, $24.15]) but the Saratoga can be a lot of fun. Try it out. |Summit Sips|

This chart plays up the differences between whisky lovers past and present respective nights with their favorite spirit. The latter reads like a typical night for me; good to see I’m 20 years behind the times. |Whiskyfun|

Nearly every wine tour is like this. No really. |Choosy Beggars|

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