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Some brewery needs to hire David Cross to do a couple spots. It would make everyone’s day.

ALCOHOL IS LESS FATTENING THAN YOU THINK. Quote. Now stop buying Molson 67. |Toronto Sun|

Adam McDowell has some good ideas when it comes to bars stepping up their game for 2011. |National Post|

We will soon get to try sake the way the Japanese intended when Toronto’s first sake brewery opens in the Distillery District this spring. |Toronto Life|

And as if we really need another reason why NYC is better than us, they’ve gone and protected their front-of-the-house staff’s tips. Not sure if that’s really anywhere near Mayor Ford’s give-a-fuck list but it would be nice… I could always give him a call. |Toronto Life|

I have to say, I have to agree with Beppi when he posits that older whisky is not necessarily better. My favorite range is often the 12 to 18 year-olds. |The Globe And Mail|

Hmm, maybe where Toronto shines is our lack of pretension? A brilliant diatribe against arrogant bartenders. |Threepenny|

But then again, NYC has these three cocktails. Pretty tasty. |The New York Times|

Not sure if I really want to give another spot to Toronto Life but their list of the 10 best pickled foods is outstanding. I’ve only tried the sausage at Ceili Cottage but I’m sure they’re all good. How can you not like this stuff? |Toronto Life|

While it might be easy to blame this one on McGuinty, I’m sure the LCBO  had no idea 3D versions of the bottles of Black Kracken Rum existed before they approved its release on their shelves. Let’s just all be grateful it’s coming to Ontario, okay?  |Toronto Life|

The best cocktail bars in Montreal. I haven’t been since I was in college. Anyone care to validate this claim? I suppose its true though… anyone who lives in Ottawa is used to leaving the city to have a little fun. |Ottawa Citizen|

As usual, this list of the best beer bars in NYC manages to totally one-up the previous list. |hypervocal|

I dislike so many restaurant websites. MenuPalace, flash-heavy, music-playing, information-light, buggy, under-construction, etc. These guys run a Tumblr blog making fun of that. They are my heroes. |Never said about restaurant websites|

While it may be gimmicky, a reality TV show which pits aspiring waiters against each other may very well herald a shift in how we view serving as a career choice but only if it gets picked up in America. |Daily Mail|

As punch continues to make an impact on Toronto, here’s a look at a bar in NYC that makes the super-sized libation the focus. |The New York Times|

Adam McDowell continues to prove why he’s a more interesting booze writer than either Beppi Crosariol or Linda Blanard with this article on punch, the new book titled Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) of the Flowing Bowl by David Wondrich, one of my favorite Esquire magazine writers. |National Post|

So punch may be the shit but if you’re going to go with a recipe, go big: Admiral Russell’s Punch (complete with interesting story and Playmobil figure). |12 Bottle Bar|

Everyone loves apps but if you love drinking and apps you might very well fall for Top Shelf, a handy program that analyzes what you have on your shelves and comes up with cocktails. You should also probably download that drunk-texting app. |The New York Times|

3D printers are very good at making plastic replicas of tchotchkes but they might even be able to save us from having to eat our family’s bad holiday meals in the future. |BBC News|

Freaking out over iPad wine lists is pretty shortsighted (so 2010!), as is worrying about a self-decanting bottle harming the future of serving wine. This is a non-issue writ-large. |Toronto Life|

While no one should be allowed to use the phrase “game-changer” this cream whipper that infuses liquids with whatever your little heart desires looks pretty neat. |Cooking Issues|

I got a recipe! The Bourbon Pecan is a bit sweet but the Maker’s Mark cuts through with a little burn. |Los Angeles Times|

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