Woo boy, it’s been awhile since I posted some links but between all of the fun I’ve been having this summer and the inevitable procrastination that results from sleeping in, I’ve not been able to produce anything regularly.

So… new idea. Two biweekly links posts per month. This gives me time to gather material, try out recipes and otherwise enjoy myself.

I’ve also reorganized the format slightly. DRINKS will feature cocktail recipes to try when out out on the town and make at home. NEWS will be all about the science and the politics behind what we put in our mouths while FOOD will stick to recipes.

Let me know what you think.


An essential list of some favorite NYC cocktails of the summer of 2011. While there’s no direct connection, I can imagine any reason why anyone planning on visiting wouldn’t pair it with the food guide below. (Off The Presses)

Looking for a fantastic cocktail at Dram? Better stay away from July 20 to the 23rd as their all-star list of bartenders will be in New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail, the industry conference and booze-fest.

If, however, you’re looking for something a little more low-rent, come for 86′d, a pop-up, quintessential, dive bar experience. Depending on what sort of person you are, this is either a whole lot of fun or far too fucking precious. (The New York Times)

If you want add a silky texture to your cocktails and prevent crystallization, it’s time to start adding gum arabic to your simple syrups. (About.com)

Gum syrup will particularly benefit “tropical” cocktails. (Wired)

This Clementine Fizz sounds perfectly delicious except for one thing: they use vodka. Substitute a floral gin but keep the lovely cucumber-wrapped glass please! (Bakers Royale)

Cantaloupe juice, egg whites, orgeat syrup (don’t forget to add a little gum arabic!) and fresh herbs? Sex in a glass. (Post Prohibition)

On the other hand, sometimes the simplest combinations work the best. G’Vine Floraison gin, Ume plum wine, lemon juice and… cinnamon? No really. (Fine Cooking)

Despite my general disdain for vodka, this fennel-infusion sounds like it might be alright. (Kitchen Konfidence)

What’s the most important element of the perfect Manhattan? The vermouth. The second? The cherry garnish. Don’t believe me? Make your own and tell me I’m wrong (or go The Black Hoof, try theirs, send me an apologetic email and make your own. Either way I’m right.). (12 Bottle Bar)


Usually, when you get food-poisoning, you try to remember what you ate for lunch but what if it was something you had 10 days ago? (E. coli can take that long.) This is only one reason why it can be so difficult to contain outbreaks. (Huffington Post)

For those with big wallets, home brewing beer is becoming a serious hobby. After all, what’s a man-cave without a never-ending supply of cold, delicious beer? (The New York Times)

Why are the Big Apple’s bagels so outstanding? Naturally, it’s attention to detail when they’re being made, even if that necessitates breaking a few health regulations. (Slate)

If you’re like me, you get cravings for meat. Apparently, we get more pleasure from our intake of energy than from the flavor. Fast food restaurants will surely be hailing this as proof that people want massive quantities of reheated beef. (Wired)

For those of you who have ethical concerns with eating meat, scientists have gotten one step closer to growing hamburgers in the lab. I’ll make the switch when they can replicate the taste of a grass-fed cow that was finished with apples and hazelnuts. (Food Navigator)

Over in the Netherlands, the government is considering a ban on the ritualistic slaughter of animals; a move that leaves Jews and Muslims not eating meat either. (Tablet)

An American man who visited Saskatoon and suffered a severe allergic reaction to a supposedly nut-free cheesecake won a lawsuit, reaffirming the onus on the service industry to inform their guests of any potentially-lethal dishes. Servers! Make sure you know your menu! (The Star Phoenix)

Thanks to the LCBO, researchers at UC Davis have found the nearly 60% of wineries underreport the alcohol percentage of their wine. Maybe it’s just me but I fail to see why this matters when it’s an average of .13 percentage points. (Inside Scoop SF)

The curmudgeonly owner of a restaurant in Pennsylvania has banned children who are under 6 from eating at his venue, stating that parents who habitually bring them are “impolite and selfish” and that their kids are “not the center of the universe”.

While I know parents will surely be up in arms over this violation of their civil liberty to eat wherever they want, it’s not like they can’t go elsewhere. The other diners probably don’t want you there. The kids would rather be elsewhere. Let’s make everyone happy. (Eater)


If you’re heading to NYC this summer, consider this food guide by a sommelier a good place to start. (So You Want To Be A Sommelier?)

Hosting dinner parties can be stressful. Here’s 10 things you may possibly be doing wrong. (The Amateur Gourmet)

Summer is all about light, fresh salads and that means tomatoes. This dish suggests Greek but substitutes watermelon for cucumber and blue cheese for feta. Scallions, vinaigrette and a bit of cayenne pepper elevate it to exceptional.  (The New York Times)

Do Yucatan-Style, Slow-Roasted Pork Tacos sound good? Of course they do. (The Amateur Gourmet)

Here are four quick-and-easy batters to use when deep-frying at home (The New York Times) but before you choose a batter, decide which oil you’re going to fry with. (The New York Times)

(Image taken from the Bakers Royale.)

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