My name’s Japhet Bower.

I’m a bartender (although I’ve worn quite a few other hats in the service industry) and despite the irregular hours, interesting friends and outright debauchery, I’ve managed to find time to cultivate an appreciation for all of the fine things one can eat and drink.

I don’t work much in the field I went to school for (Art criticism and curation at OCAD) but my degree left me with a love of writing and an irrational fear of the white boxes people like to hang art in.

After a stint at blogTO, where I covered sex, music and culture, I decided I wanted to write about the booze I was drinking, the places I was drinking at and bar culture in general. This blog is the result. Besides all of the above, I like to talk about food (impossible to separate it from drinking), the service industry and all of the wonderful things you can prepare at home with the right recipes.

Charles H. Baker Jr. said it best:

…all really interesting people–sportsman, explorers, musicians, scientists, vagabonds and writers–were vitally interested in good things to eat and drink; cared for exotic and intriguing ways of composing them. We soon discovered further that this keen interest was not solely through gluttony, the spur of hunger or merely to sustain life, but in a spirit of high adventure. (The Gentleman’s Companion)

To this end, I have help. Friends and family function as able hands in the kitchen, booze-hounds and willing accomplices. Photographs are generally taken by myself unless otherwise noted.

I’d also like to take a moment to thank Gavin Rough for providing much of the initial impetus for me to move beyond Blogger and take this a whole lot more seriously. Without his hosting,  all-around support and assistance, none of this would have happened.