The Most Simple Diet Is Not A Diet At All

The Simple Max Diet is not really a diet. In fact, we call it an un-diet. It's particularly effective for children and people who have newer issues with weight and poor health who simply need to clean up their act. The simple max diet is especially helpful for people who work in an environment where it is very challenging to make good food choices 100 percent of the time. The simple max diet works like this: simply eat as often as possible from anything on the max foods list while being aware of the "carbohydrates" issue. There are two simple steps.

1.The 80/20 Rule- The first basic step to cooperating nutritionally with maximized living is to eat all or the major of your meals off the Max Food list. (80 percent good, only 20 percent bad is the 80/20 rule.)
2.Eat carbs early; eliminate your carb addiction and eat carbs early in the morning or in the early part of the day.

One of the fiercest enemies to good health and a lean body is unused carbohydrates. If you eat a bowl of pasta and some bread at night, you've just eaten enough carbohydrates to run a marathon. Instead, you go to bed and these unused carbs wreak havoc on your glans. The abundance of sugars they create overwhelm the insulin mechanisms necessary to absorb them, and they end up stored as fat. All these results in you getting up in the morning feeling more tired than you were when you went to bed.

In the morning, it has typically been six to twelve hours since you have fueled up, and you still have an entire day ahead of you. Therefore, energy foods can be used up. Eating the majority of your carbs in the morning gives you ample time to burn what you've taken in and leaves little left over for storage in the gut or butt.

Protein builds and repairs broken down muscle tissue. Because the body has been at rest, it does not have a significant need for proteins (building and repairing) in the morning. The morning is more of a carbohydrate-dense, good fat meal, where the afternoon and evenings should be the protein-dose meals.

Fats support cell structure and healing. But large amounts of fats with large amounts of carbs make you fat. Because the body has been resting all night and because breakfast is a carb meal, fats should have been added to the morning but kept to a moderate to low level. Good fats are those found in fish, avocado, walnuts, flax, olive oil, wild fish, and organic-grass fed meats. These fats assist in the function of both the immune and cardiovascular systems. They're also important in protecting joint and brain tissue. Bad fats, on the other hand, can be a foe of well being. Bad Fats include hydrogenated oils-nut, vegetable, and seed oils-and saturated fats from commercial meats.

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