The Psychology of Dieting

You are a creature of habit. You may wake up every morning start a pot of coffee before showering and eating. You like to eat at certain times and do certain things at certain times. You even eat when you are hungry. You may think you eat when your hungry but depending on what you are doing you can get hungry without even knowing it is happening.

There are a variety of external signals that will set off your hunger pangs. They can be as simple as watching a commercial or looking at an advertisement in a magazine. Smells can start the hunger process or walking in the kitchen and seeing certain leftovers. There are any number of things and even people can set off the pangs of hunger. Most of the time this has nothing to do with being hungry. All your senses can be triggers to hunger and once started they are sometimes hard to avoid.

Many times these hunger pangs hurt us especially if we are trying to cut back and possibly lose weight. You need to realize that your body as thousands of years of experience to overcome hunger. The mind and the body react to certain stimuli and most of the time we are powerless to stop it. The bright spot is if you understand what forces are working against you losing weight you can overcome them.

Most people when it is time to eat in the evening sit down with the different entries and fill their plates. If you are trying to lose weight portion control is a big part of your meal. Try getting a smaller plate so your portions do not look so small. Plate your meals in the kitchen and bring the plates to the table like a restaurant. You can even serve your dinner like a restaurant. Ever wonder why the salad and bread come out first? Simply because it will start to fill you up along with the drink or glass of water that you get served first. You should incorporate some of these tips in your everyday meal.

A big problem when eating at home is most meals seem to be eaten with a stop clock. It normally takes your stomach twenty minutes to let your mind know that it is full. We will continue to eat large amounts because we never get that full signal until it is too late. You know that stuffed feeling. By putting the portions o the plate in the kitchen and leaving the excess food in the kitchen and having a glass of water, not ice water as it stops or slows down the digestion process, at the table and drink between bites you will notice that you will start to enjoy the food and eat less. When the 20 minutes come around you will be in the middle of your main course and will be feeling full at the end. By slowing down the eating process you allow your mind and stomach to get in sync and enjoy the food.

The smaller plate is for your eyes because your eyes also have a say in the amount that you eat. The smaller plate will fool the eyes and your subconscious int believing they are eating a what you consider a normal meal. With the plate being smaller and the proportion smaller you are able to eat less and possibly enjoy the food. Do not forget to have a sip of water between bites. This will also fill you up.

The simple truth of dieting is to be able understand what makes your body want to eat and learn different ways to fool the mind and start losing weight. We all have been on the "See Food Diet", see the food eat the food. Well with a little bit of planning you can make every meal a little special and enjoy the food as you lose weight.

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