Hi, my name’s Japhet Bower and this is The Jolly Inebriate.

We take a non-pretentious, slightly profane approach to reporting on booze, entertaining at home and the service industry. Whether it’s the latest trend in cocktails or a seasonal beer, we’re right in the mix. Grab life by the balls and drink better!

Although I don’t work much in the field I went to school for (Art criticism and curation at OCAD) my degree left with me a love of writing (and an irrational fear of white boxes). After a stint at blogTO, where I covered sex, music and culture, I decided to head out on my own and aim my pen at whatever catches my eye; whether it’s a stupid liquor law, an amazing new bar down the street or a cocktail drunkenly concocted at a party the night before you can be sure I’ll have something to say about it!

As well as little ol’ me, Ryan McVittie, a veteran of the bar scene in Toronto, will occasionally pop by to provide an in-depth look at classic cocktails and share some of his recipes.

(That’s me, the red-eyed cowboy in the middle.)