The Awkward Adolescent Party


awkward-adolescent-party-poTomorrow, my roommates and I (collectively known as 585 GRRD) are having another party. Mike’s girlfriend came up with the theme explicated in the title and things proceeded quickly from there. You can check out the invite here but suffice it to say, dressing up is encouraged and the playlist will cause nostalgic orgasms in all who hear it.

Booze-wise, it’s going to be simultaneously more complicated and yet simpler than previous affairs. I’ve hired a bartender for the evening. Farah works with me at Nocturne and she’ll be serving beer, vodka and slushies… alcoholic slushies of course.

Mike’s brother (he runs Ed’s Real Scoop in Leslieville, go get some ice cream) has graciously offered us the use of his slushie machine. Take some juice, ice, add 60oz of vodka and you’ve got just the thing to cool down 80+ sweaty bodies jammed into a tiny apartment.

With the slushies, I plan on getting a bit creative. I’m getting some aloe and pineapple juice and I imagine I’ll add the rest of my strawberry syrups at some point during the night.

Of course, I plan on letting people bring whatever booze they might want but when it runs out they can pony up to the bar. We’ll be selling tickets for a measly $5 or 4 for $20.

It should be tons of fun and I’m planning on leading a raid on the public pool in the wee hours of the morning should things get too muggy.

Please excuse the mess…


You may have noticed that the look of this blog has been changing dramatically. I’m a bit of a tinkerer at heart and while I don’t know all that much about CSS, I’m definitely willing to rip this project’s guts out and try and put ‘em back together in a manner more to my liking.

While this approach has worked thus far, I’ve reached a bit of an impasse and find myself unable to find certain vital bits of code needed to affect a change in several graphic elements.

So, while I make some new friends on the Wordpress forums, I hope you bear with me and ignore the bits that don’t like quite right. They should be fixed soon.


I’m in love with St. Germain


st-germain-bottle-standardMy roommate brought me a bottle of St. Germain’s Elderflower liqueur from NYC so, of course, we had to make some drinks. (You can’t get it in Canada so it’s kind of a big deal.)

Results to follow.

A new direction


Originally the purpose of this blog was to document a shift in my life; moving from Canada to New Zealand (and my impressions thereof) with a special focus, as always, on booze.

That’s not happening anymore. My fiancée, for reasons I’m not going to go into on here, broke up with me and so I find myself cut short, trying to restart a life that I’d been busy mothballing for the past couple of months.

Contrary to the typical response exhibited by most people in circumstances like this, I’ve had little desire to drink, much less write, and so this blog has fallen by the wayside.

However, through the prodding of friends and a desire to rekindle my interest in writing about one of my favorite subjects, I’ve decided to shift this blog ever-so-slightly to the left. So why I won’t be able to compare all the wonderful wines and spirits that New Zealand has to offer with those of my homeland, I’ll still be here to document the latest happenings in all things alcoholic right here in Toronto.

It’s an interesting time in Canada. In the next five years, I’m betting we’ll see a loosening of liquor laws as people realize that some privatization won’t cause the widespread social collapse some naysayers are fond of trumpeting.

Already, the Varsity cinema allows patrons to buy a couple of drinks while they watch a film and I wouldn’t be surprised if more venues are allowed to serve during a wider variety of events. Maybe we’ll even see convenience stores being allowed to compete with the LCBO and Beer Store to bring consumers a wider range of product, especially from the smaller guys.

And while I’m no fan of monopolies, I still think the LCBO does a fantastic job with its tastings and I like how its magazine encourages people to expand their cocktail choices beyond the superstars of a couple years back (mojito, “pomtini”, etc.)

It’s a whole new year and I can’t wait to see what it will bring!

He may be talking about possessions…


But I’m thinking of a different context entirely.

“Before we set our hearts too much upon anything, let us examine how happy those are who already possess it.”

Francois de La Rochefoucauld