Molson CEO claims his beer deserves consumer loyalty + five more links

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A quietly-funny beer advert from Down Under. We should be following their example instead of the Americans. If the beer still tasted bad, at least we’d be smiling.

Alan McLeod of A Good Beer Blog links to an article in the Globe & Mail where the new CEO of Molson Coors laments the diversification of the beer market in Canada.

Quite frankly, I’m appalled by his talk of brand value and loyalty without any mention of what the company’s products are doing to deserve it; I won’t shed any tears if they were to disappear tomorrow. The whole system’s rotten anyway… and is Mr. Perkins calling us cheap? I say his beers are overpriced.

According to Jamie Boudreau, we have a new gin in Canada that goes by the name of Victoria. Since it’s from B.C., I’m betting red-tape and petty provincialism will prevail but I may yet see a bottle in Ontario someday. I’d dearly love to be wrong…

Another liqueur I’ll probably never get to try is from the States and an alcoholic version of root beer (sort-of) besides. Dubbed “Root” it looks delicious and is the result of a partnership between the makers of Hendrick’s Gin and collective called Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. Yet another reason for me to take a road-trip and soon.

If you’re not working, a great way to spend this Thursday evening would be crawling amongst the bars of King St. West. Besides sampling some terrific beer, you could win tickets to Toronto’s upcoming Festival of Beer.

Speaking of which, I’m actually attending for the first time this year. Most of the time I procrastinate in applying for a press pass and end up not going but my brother bought a ticket for me and so August the 9th (a Sunday) will find me throwing tokens at vendors, getting sunburnt and being very, very drunk. I’ll try and take notes. If you’re going, let me know; we might even bump into each other (literally).

Doug of The Pegu Blog writes about yet another cocktail (the Dark ‘n’ Stormy) whose name you cannot mention unless you use copyright-holding company’s liquor in the recipe. While I don’t give much of a shit for issues of intellectual property, it’s an amusing tale nonetheless and Gosling’s is good stuff.

Innis & Gunn score again with Rum Cask Finish


While I have yet to find an Innis & Gunn product I don’t like, anything’s possible in the wild and crazy world of beer, particularly during the winter season. I’d hazard a guess that I probably won’t be too keen on at least half of what I have in my fridge but the fun’s in trying and you’ll never see my pass up a new brew.

So, on to the Innis & Gunn Rum Cask Finish Oak Aged Beer… I was blown away by how goddamned good it looked; I’ve always been a sucker for boxed beer (even if it is a waste of packaging). Some folks like to serve Innis & Gunn slightly chilled but I don’t bother. It was quite cold coming out of the fridge but I find it warms up a bit in an unchilled pint glass and by the time you take your last sip, it’s generally opened up quite a bit.

Right at the start, I was blown away by the lovely aroma of rum; it was very noticeable and not anything similar to a cheap white rum. It reminded me more of Gosling’s or even Pyrat (which I still sorely miss… Although what’s up with the those two websites? I don’t mind Flash but the floating links are really annoying and not intuitive at all. Whatever happened to a good sidebar menu?)

Taking my first sip, I could pick up on the caramel and molasses notes. The oak and rum have changed what I would imagine is a fairly standard Scottish ale into something special. In fact, I think I like it better than the Whiskey Cask which is saying a lot as that’s one of the best beers I’ve ever had.

There’s also no hops bitterness apparent which is fine by me ‘cos I’m not a hophead at all. Give me something smooth and mellow and I’m in heaven… this is definitely my kind of beer.

I hope this sticks around for a couple more months; I’m going to have to go back for seconds.

Does Innis & Gunn get distributed in New Zealand? I can only hope…