Pumpkin Ale smells more like pie


Too bad it doesn’t taste as heavenly.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing decidely wrong with the Post Road Pumpkin Ale but there’s nothing particularly right either.

It’s crisp and the cinamon and nutmeg flavors definitely come through although they’re cut a bit short by the excessive carbonation. I always wondered what a pumpkin pie-flavored stout or cream ale would taste like. Something with less carbonation; you could even add whipped cream!

I won’t buy it again but at least I’m not regretting anything.

The end is near!


But before it comes, I plan on enjoying the rest of my time in Canada with some carefully-planned appreciation of the alcoholic products this winter season has to offer us.

In addition, I plan on sharing my favorite cocktail recipes, whether culled from service at the bar or put together to satisfy impromptu after-parties.

Hell, I’ll probably put up whatever I feel like but some kind of mission statement is in order, no?

At this very moment, I am enjoying my third can of Bavaria, an inoffensive lager from Holland that will do when the thought of spending more than twelve dollars on a six-pack is more than you can bear.

Broke or not, it won’t hurt your tongue but it’s precisely that middle-of-the-road banality that will leave with you a thirst for something special the next day.

With that in mind, I have two beers in my fridge, knowingly waiting for me to come back to ‘em like the unfaithful husband I was and beg forgiveness.

The Post Road Pumpkin Ale (by Brooklyn Brewery) and the 750mL Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer (which is really just more of a good thing).